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Valentine's Day Coloring Pages - Set of 6

A set of 6 different Valentine's Day coloring pages both in JPEG and PDF featuring a hearts coloring page, a heart couple coloring page, a loving cats coloring page (comes in a version with "I Love You" lettering and without lettering to add your own words), a cupcake coloring page, a teddy bear coloring page (comes in a version with "Be My Valentine" lettering and without lettering to add your own words) and a heart mandala coloring page.

Original art by Janet Giessl. This hand drawn original art can either be used as coloring pages or as digi stamps for creating digital designs or cards. 

Commercial use allowed. You are allowed to sell your finished items using my coloring pages but you are not allowed to resell them in their original form (as is).

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Valentine's Day Literacy and Math Package

Young learners will love reciting poems, searching for sight words in sensory bins,

decoding messages using beginning sounds, ordering hearts, sorting, rolling dice in a

ten frame game, writing love notes using the Valentine's day prompts, writing the room

and more in this math and literacy package!

Tacky the Penguin Comprehension Questions

10 Comprehension questions to go along with Tacky the Penguin by Helen Lester. Includes literal, inferring, vocabulary, main idea, author's purpose questions, and more. 

Display the question(s) after a read aloud or use the sheet with all of the questions for reference. Sheets for the students to write their answers are also included. 

There is also a one-page student response printable:
"If the penguins wrote a thank you note to Tacky, 
what might they say? "

This add on resource is also great for subs.

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I'll Remember Music Duo (when someone the students love, dies) 1 sheet music 1 mp4 video file

In this music duo set you will find the following 2 items:
Sheet Music to the original Christmas song, "I'll Remember" 
mp4 file to rehearse singing "I'll Remember" 

Over my 30 year teaching career, we have encountered the death of loved ones, both teachers as well as family members. We (the students and I) have been asked to sing at numerous memorial services. There are very few songs suitable for children to share during this difficult time. Here is a tender, gentle, loving song that speaks in the language of a child and carries a powerful, compassionate message. This song is best for upper elementary students.
Here is sheet music and an mp4 file for this song so that by utilizing a smartboard, a laptop, or even a smartphone, students and teachers will be able to sing along with the lyrics on the screen.
One Arts Infusion Collaborative seeks to create original music that supports and enhances curricular content, as well as classroom experiences. 

I'd Love To Know Where My Snowman Goes Winter Poem

This precious imaginative poem tackles the wonder-filled question about what exactly your snowman might do when you are sleeping; a delight to imagine. This 6 page poem could be laminated and centered on a bulletin board to be surrounded by beautiful artistic active snowmen made, drawn, or painted by your students. This will stir lovely winter creativity.
One Arts Infusion Collaborative seeks to create original gentle music and poetry to support and enhance curricular content, celebrate holidays and seasons, and stir brilliant imaginations.

I Like A Chocolate Heart Sheet Music: A Valentine's Day Song

Here is the simple sheet music to the gentle, happy original Valentine's Day Song, "I Like A Chocolate Heart." This song was a sweet precious addition to our Pre-K through 2nd Grade Valentine's Day Program. The students created little motions, and we sang the song twice. 
One Arts Infusion Collaborative seeks to create gentle, original musical that supports and enhances curricular content, celebrates holidays, stirs imaginations, and brings smiles.

I Keep My Speeches In My Hat Music Duo (from Abe Lincoln) 1 sheet music 1 mp4 video file

In this music duo set you will find the following 2 items:
Sheet Music to the original Abe Lincoln song, "I Keep My Speeches In My Hat"
an mp4 file to rehearse singing "I Keep My Speeches In My Hat"

Abraham Lincoln gave brilliant speeches, and he always wore a stovepipe hat. So that he would not lose them or forget them, he kept his speeches and other important papers in his tall hat. This fun light-hearted song well captures this unique fact about Abe Lincoln. 
Here is the sheet music and mp4 file for this fun and happy song.
One Arts Infusion Collaborative seeks to create original music that supports and enhances curricular content, celebrates holidays, and stirs the natural creativity and curiosity of students.

I Hope You'll Be My Friend: Poem, Questions, and Draw

6 Pages
Best for grades 1-3
Here is a gentle poem about the joy of friendship. The poem is followed by 6 questions, and an opportunity to draw 6 pictures. Whether it's the beginning of a new school year, or the first day at a new camp or on a new team, making a friend and being a friend are very important and very fun. 
One Arts Infusion Collaborative seeks to create original poetry and songs that support and enhance curricular content, celebrate holidays, stir imaginations, and help to build connections to learning.

Fix It Up Sentences (February) Capital Letters and Ending Punctuation

Fix It Up Sentences (February)

This pack is now available in a Fix It Up Sentences BUNDLE saving you 25%!

This activity is connected to the CCGPS ELACCKL2a. Capitalize the first word in a sentence and the pronoun I. This packet contains 7 pages. Each page has a simple story on it including five sentences. The seven stories are about a party, candy, cupcakes, valentines, lollipops, balloons, and hearts. The sentences are not written correctly. The first letter in each sentence is not capital and the ending punctuation is missing. Have your students rewrite each sentence correctly. Begin each sentence with a capital letter and add the correct ending punctuation. The sentences used contain frequently used sight words, decodable words that students should be able to read, and a few other common nouns that students see often. These activities are great for morning work, literacy centers, homework or for a quick mini lesson on including capital letters and ending punctuation in sentences. Students can read the story to a partner or to the teacher after correcting the sentences. Students could also add other details to the story using the back of their paper.

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