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AT Word Family Fluency Practice

Practice AT word family fluency with these fluency strips and reading passages. Students have 3 ways to practice reading their new words in the context of sentences and short stories.

Drawing Conclusions Spring Theme Worksheets

Drawing Conclusions Spring Theme Worksheets include three practice pages. Students look at the pictures, read the sentences, and draw circles around Yes or No. Each page contains five statements.

Answer keys are not included and are not needed. Product is not editable. Perfect for substitute teachers, early finishers, morning work, or homework.

Escape Room- The Berlin Boxing Club- Escape to America

Establish great teamwork and assess novel understanding by using this highly engaging activity!

Perfect for grades 6-12. Escape room style Novel Review activity - designed for the Berlin Boxing Club by Rob Sharenow! 

This escape room will help students learn to work together as they solve clues and complete challenges as a team. This interactive escape room does not require technology- ensuring schools of all technological capabilities can access it. Other than printing and minimal cutting, this Escape Room is ready for you to use! No editing any of the material - just print, cut, post and use!

What You Get:
1. 5 Challenges (secret message decoding, puzzles, physical challenges, and quotes)
2. Decoders to allow students to solve the tasks
3. 20 multiple choice question QUIZ for Assessment Records
4. Answer keys for each task with teacher pages 
5. Poster for challenge clues
6. Teacher set up directions
7. Common Core Standards Aligned to grades 6-12
8. Decoration Ideas and directions

About The Escape Room:
1. It should be played with small group teams of 4-5 students.
2. Designed to take 30-40 minutes to complete 
3. Print and play ready for teachers
4. Content Aligned to the novel The Berlin Boxing Club
5. All learning styles are covered- with elements that simultaneously serve visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners.
6. Critical thinking: In addition to reinforcing subject matter expertise, escape games also encourage critical thinking, teamwork and communication skills, all of which are key to surviving in today’s world.
7. Attention: Timed challenges grab and keep students’ attention much better than lectures and other classroom activities.
8. Teamwork: Some students may emerge as leaders, allowing you to seek out constructive ways to leverage their peer authority to improve classroom dynamics.
9. Bloom’s Taxonomy: Escape games move students past knowledge and comprehension into the application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy.
10. Game Theory: In-class games are a great way to explore the principles and theory behind game design, a popular and potentially lucrative career path.
11. Problem Solving: Linear and non-linear gameplay can serve as a practical, hands-on demonstration of the logic principles required to program computers, a skill young people can begin learning at any age.
12. Be on the cutting edge: Escape games are one of the latest, and most exciting, brain-based team experiences around.

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Silent e Machine

Students will place a word with the short vowel onto the left side of the silent e machine and place the word with the long vowel using the silent e on the right. The second part of the activity has the student writing the e along the dotted line at the end of the word. This will help reinforce learning the difference between the short vowel and long vowel of the two words.

Part 1: A. Place the first word card on the left side. The student will find the correct word with the silent e ending.

          B. Place the word card with the silent e on the right side. The student will place the correct word card without the silent e ending.

          C. For students who do not need the previous steps. Set out all of the pieces. The student will place the correct word cards on the machine.

Part 2: Writing:  Students will write the e at the end of the word. By phyisically writing the e at the end, the change in the look and sound of the word is strengthened.

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A Lesson Presentation that presents Teaching Resources in Comic Strip Creations. This presentation presents perfect teaching resources that will help the teachers to walk into the classroom with ready to teach confidence as it covers all that a teacher and a student need for a Comic Strip Lesson. 

This Presentation Includes:
1. Engaging and Creative Lesson Starter – What Characters Say
2. Well Formulated, Measurable, SMART Objectives and Outcomes
3. Overview of Vocabulary used for a Comic Strip Lesson 
4. Real Life Application and Cross-Curricular Link for Comic Strip Creations
5. Flipped Lesson Part - Elements and Techniques
6. Collaborative Group Task – Pair-Share, Think-Share, Shared Writing
7. Space for Peer Teaching - Essentials and Elements of Comic Strips
8. Mini-Plenary with Critical Thinking Questions – 3 Quizzes on Comic Strips
9. Scaffolded Notes to Support the Learners - Storyboard and Template
10. Assessment Criteria for Outcome Expectations - Rubrics
11. Differentiated Activities for Level Learners - 4 Tasks
12. Extensions to Challenge the High Achievers - Comic Creator
13. Plenary to Assesses Learning Outcomes - PGP: Praise-Question-Polish
14. Success Criteria for Self/Peer Evaluation - My Comic Strip Checklist
15. Home Learning for Reinforcement - More Information on Comic Strips
16. Common Core Standards - ELA-LITERACY.RL.8.4/W.8.22.b/L.8.39.a
17. Skills to be addressed during the Lesson - Social and Cognitive

Teachers can use this presentation to give a complete knowledge and understanding of Comic Strip Creations to the learners, thereby helping them to enhance their creativity and skills.

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Fix the Paragraph Mount Rushmore Practice Worksheet

Help students practice their punctuation marks, capitalization, and singular and plural verbs with our Fix the Paragraph Mount Rushmore practice worksheet. Answer key is included. Product is not editable.

Perfect for substitute teachers, early finishers, morning work, American Landmark units, Presidents' Day units, or homework.

Fix the Paragraph product includes the following:

- 1 worksheet with a paragraph about Mount Rushmore and solid lines for writing
- 1 worksheet with solid lines only for additional writing, if necessary
- Answer Key (corrections are highlighted in yellow)

Greece Writing Paper Set

This 3 sheet set of solid-lined paper is 8.5” wide x 11” tall when printed. Product is not editable.

Use them for country study reports, writing assignments, homeschool notebooking, short stories, and poems.

Greece Writing Paper Set includes:

1 whole sheet with black and white clipart picture of a child from Greece

1 half sheet with black and white clipart picture of a child from Greece

1 half sheet with the word "Greece" in a picture box for drawing (no clipart)

Around the Kitchen Trace the Words Worksheets Preschool/Kindergarten

Preschool and kindergarten students will enjoy developing their handwriting skills with these fun Around the Kitchen Trace the Words worksheets. File contains two worksheets with 10 words. Students simply read the words and trace them.

Around the Kitchen words are the following:
apron, bowl, chair, clock, fridge, mixer, plate, sink, stove, table

Answer key is not included and is not needed. Product is not editable.

Cell Division Word Search: Phases of Mitosis (Grades 7-10) with Key

This product includes 1 word search puzzle and 1 answer key, which contain terms relating to the phases (stages) of mitosis. Students are asked to find and circle words. Words may be vertical, horizontal, diagonal, forward, or backward.

Puzzle answers on the teacher’s answer key is highlighted according to color: red = horizontal words, yellow = vertical words, and teal = diagonal words.

Our original puzzle is written primarily for grades 7-10 and does not contain pictures.

Phases of Mitosis Word Search List
- interphase
- anaphase
- daughter
- mitosis
- prophase
- telophase
- spindle
- fibers
- metaphase
- cytokinesis
- chromosomes
- chromatids

Julius Caesar Character Quiz with Answer Key

This product is a one-page character quiz on William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. The original, 15 question quiz is written for grades 9-12 and may be given at the end of the play. Answer key included.

Julius Caesar Character Quiz Contents (15 questions total)
A. Match the character’s name to the description. (10 characters)
B. Match the quote to the character. (5 quotes)