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Sequencing Story ~ Carving a Pumpkin

For this activity, students will sequence a pumpkin carving story using the words first, next, then, and last.

There are three activities included for differentiation. For one activity, students read the short passage, then cut and paste the story pictures in order. For a second activity, students look at the pictures in order, and then write their own story using the words first, next, then, and last. For a third activity, students put the pictures in order, and then verbally tell their own story.

Comes in color and black & white.


This resource covers the integral, surface and deep features of Punctuation: Capitalization and Periods. It contains full-on activities and assessments to cover the skills of literacy in an easy, structured, cover-your-bases system. It includes everything you need to get going with punctuation in your classroom. 

Teachers can use this to enhance the language and writing skills of the learners, especially the technique needed to demonstrate the correct usage of punctuation in writing.

This Resource Includes:
1. Detailed Lesson Plan
2. Punctuation Rubrics
3. 10 Rules of Capitalization
4. Punctuation Table
5. Worksheets with Answers (4 Exercises)

Lesson Objectives:
1. Define periods.
2. Explore the usage of Periods and Capital Letters.
3. Punctuate sentences using periods and capital letters.

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A resource that contains 9 worksheets with answers on Direct and Indirect Speech. It includes worksheets on conversion and formation of direct and indirect speech. Teachers can use these to enhance the writing skills of the learners.

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CVC Word Family Word Work No Prep Printables

Teach your students all about word families with this fun and easy printable collection.

Each word family listed below contains four types of worksheets: ABC Order, Read and Color Comprehension (short, rhyming story with 3 multiple-choice questions), Word Family Cloze Sentences Worksheet (with word bank), and Read and Draw Worksheet. Answer keys included.

Use this word work bundle as morning work, homework, assessment, or as handouts for substitute teachers. Also, it’s perfect for early finishers and ESL students. Grades K-1.

Word Families included in this bundle are:
Short A: -an, -ap, -at,
Short E: -ed, -en, -et
Short I: -ig, -in, -ip, -it
Short O: -op, -ot
Short U: -ug

November Fun Worksheet Pack

The November Fun Worksheet Pack contains nine, fun printable worksheets for the Thanksgiving holiday. Perfect addition to any Thanksgiving or Pilgrims unit. Pages contain black and white clipart. Answer keys included. Written for K-2.

November Fun Worksheet Pack includes:

  • Thanksgiving Dinner Word Trace
  • Thanksgiving Dinner Count and Circle 1-10
  • Editing Sentences (5 sentences, dotted lines for writing)
  • Thanksgiving Dinner Word Search (8 words)
  • Color by Sum (Add to 10) -- Mayflower Addition
  • Color by Sum (Add to 5) -- Thanksgiving Addition (Pilgrim hats)
  • Thanksgiving Compound Words (Make ten words from list, and write them on blank lines.)
  • I am thankful for... Writing Prompt paper with solid lines and picture box for drawing
  • I am thankful for... Writing Prompt paper with dotted lines and picture box for drawing

Note: Words in Thanksgiving Dinner Word Search may be vertical, horizontal, diagonal, forward, or backward.

Halloween Stem: Static Electricity Ghosts!

Have your students build their own graveyards and make them come to life with the power of static electricity! This stem project will take 45 minutes to an hour to complete.

Worksheet #1 Instructions
Worksheet #2 Experiment - includes observational prompts
Worksheet #3 What Happened? - includes fill in the blanks conclusion
Worksheet #4 Repel or Attract?
Worksheet #5 Extension Experiment
Graveyard Templates - Each Gravestone includes a funny ode to the dearly departed.

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Zoo Animal Literacy and Math Unit

Zoo Animal Literacy and Math Unit

The Zoo Animal Read and Write is included in this Zoo Animal Literacy and Math Unit. 

This 41 page literacy and math unit has a lot to offer.
It begins with a story, “Our Day at the Zoo.” The story is in two formats. The first format has the story on one page with pictures included. The second format is in a seven page book format including a title page. The words in both formats are the same.

Next, there are two pages with a total of 11 animal pictures (5 animals on one page and 6 animals on the other page) from the story for students to write the animal names using invented spelling or from a chart the teacher would make with the class (iguana, alligator, bear, elephant ostrich, seal, tiger, zebra, monkey, fox, and kangaroo).

There are four pages (2 with animal pictures and 2 with letters) for students to color the animal pictures (same 11 animals from the store listed above), then cut out the animals and glue to the correct beginning letter.

Three pages of simple addition problems (sums to 5) are included. Animal pictures are used instead of numbers so that students can count the total pictures to find the sum and write the sum in the box. ***These addition problems are the only math skills included in the unit.

Two pages of read and write are included. After students read the one page “Our Day at the Zoo” story or the seven page book format and color the pictures, then there are two pages with five sentences on each page about the story. Each sentence has a missing word. At the end of each sentence, there are two words for students to choose the correct missing word. Students will circle the word that correctly completes the sentence matching the story on the first page, and then write the correct word in the blank. This is a great reading and comprehension check for guided reading, a mini lesson, a literacy center, or homework.

There are three writing prompt pages including (1) Our Day at the Zoo: Students draw and write to tell about their favorite zoo animal (2) Zoo Animal: If you could be a zoo animal, which zoo animal would you like to be? Draw and write to tell your choice and (3) Zookeeper: If you were the zookeeper, what would you do to help the animals? Draw and write to tell. Each of these story prompt pages has a blank box at the top for drawing with lines below it for student writing.

Three pages require students to draw a line from the picture to the correct animal’s name.

Three pages have animal pictures and names with blank lines for students to write a sentence about each animal (2 pages have 4 animals on each page and 1 page has 3 animals on it: 11 animals total).

Last, there is a 13 page “Zoo Words” book. This book is designed so that you can copy the book, cut it in half, staple, and then it is ready for use. There is a title page “Zoo Words” and 12 pages with a zoo animal picture and matching word for students to write a sentence about. Each page has two blank lines for students to create sentences for each animal picture. ***This is similar to the three pages described immediately above, but in a book format. Each of the 11 animals from the story are shown (one per page) with the matching word as well as a picture and word for “zoo.” This is great for a mini lesson on what good writers do, homework, morning work, or literacy centers to work on writing. I hope your students enjoy creating their own sentences for the animal pictures.

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I hope your students enjoy this Zoo Animal Unit.

Be sure to look at the PREVIEW to see exactly what you are getting!

Sight Words Game: Oh, No! Three in a Row! (Set 5) Third Grade

Oh, No! Three in a Row! Sight Words Game (Set 5 – Third Grade) (62 pages)

All 41 words in the third grade word list appear once on the first 21 pages using two of the words per page. **The word “clean” appears twice to make an even number of words for two per page. 

The 41 words included on the first 21 pages are about, better, bring, carry, clean, cut, done, draw, drink, eight, fall, far, full, got, grow, hold, hot, hurt, if, keep, kind, laugh, light, long, much, myself, never, only, own, pick, seven, shall, show, six, small, start, ten, today, together, try, and warm. 

A sampling of both kinds of game cards is shown in the PREVIEW!

To use: All of these pages can be laminated or placed in page protectors, and then placed in a three ring binder to be used in a literacy center. Students can use dry erase markers to play the game, and then wipe clear and play the next page in the binder. You can assign students to words with which they are having difficulty, if desired. These are also great for early finishers.

To Play: The first 21 pages are great for partners in literacy centers or early finishers. Students choose one of the two words written on their word card to use to play the game. Two children will play each word card. The object for the child is to WIN the game; however, our main objective is to get the students familiar with the sight words and to practice writing each word. The competitive nature of the game accomplishes our goal. Odds of any page having a potential to achieve a winning combination was not determined in the designing of the pages. After deciding who will “be” each word, students will take turns writing their chosen word into an empty box with a dry erase marker, trying to have their word be the first three in a row to win the game. Students can “block” their opponent by writing their word in the space. 

To play the last 41 pages, students can complete these independently at literacy centers, as an early finisher or with a partner as a partner read. These pages use the pre-primer, primer, first grade, second grade, and third grade words and MOST sheets have simple phrases that can be read from left to right for students to practice the pre-primer, primer, first grade, second grade, and third grade words. It is impossible to create phrases from some words, but it will give them practice reading the words. These pages have various words from the pre-primer, primer, first grade, second grade, and third grade list. This second game set has 41 pages with one game page for each missing word (41 total words). Each page has one word missing. Students are to write the missing word that would make three in a row for a win. Again, these can be laminated or put in page protectors in a three ring binder and used with a dry erase marker as a center activity or for early finishers. 

I hope your students have fun with this sight word game!

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