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End of Year Student Survey Exit Slip & Feedback

This Student End of Year Exit Survey provides teachers with the feedback they need at the end of the year to better their classes and better themselves in the coming school year.  Students are provided the two-page survey on the final days of school and are encouraged to share all of their ideas and suggestions, including advice for future students.

Mother's Day Preschool Pack


I would like to welcome you to this Mother's Day Pack. I would like to thank You for looking at purchasing the download. I have enjoyed making this pack, I hope you and your child (ren) will also enjoy it. This is my first pack and there for I ask for your forgiveness.  In Locking this pack my computer added a “Windows Printer test page” to the pack.  I have not figured out how to take it off or prevent it from happening.  I choose to put this out even with this error in hopes that someone could suggest a fix, plus I believe this program is needed, I could not find one out there so I created one. “See a need… Fill a need”     If you have any suggestions on fixing my error, questions or find another error in this pack please contact me at



Included in this download, you will find:


  • Coloring page
  • Counting cards
  • Counting mat & cards
  • Find the letter, uppercase & lowercase
  • Find the M, m
  • Puzzle cards
  • Mother’s Day Game
  • Shadow matching
  • Shape matching
  • Size sequencing
  • Beginning sounds
  • Big and Small
  • What’s  different
  • Finish the Pattern
  • Handwriting  M, m
  • How many
  • Prewriting Practice
  • Letter Sort
  • Scissors Skill
  • Word Building
  • Dice
  • Graph
  • Graph Questions
  • Memory Game
  • Beginning Letter
  • Counting Practice
  • Dobber page



Please Respect the following guide line when using this pack

  1. This pack is for personal use in your own home or classroom.
  2. Please do not share with friends or co-workers. 
  3. Do not sell this pack.
  4. Do not host on any webpage.
  5. Do not cut out or reuse the clip art or structure of the pages.


The graphics in this pack are designed by Revidevi.

They have been purchased at

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Candy Student Awards

24 Positive and Colorful Candy Awards to Give your Students!

I chose candy that is easy to find, universal, and well liked.

There is a page in the download with all the candy on it so you can shop with ease and be sure you got everything.

These are all worded in a fun positive way to make every student feel special!

Included are 24 different awards full page color ready to print
(and the same 24 black and white awards)

Run color awards on cardstock
Run black and white awards on colored construction paper.

Attach the candy to the certificate and have a memorable and exciting awards assembly with your students!

Happy Awarding!

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Economics K/1 Unit


1. Needs and Wants Webs: write examples of needs and wants (p.3-4)


2.Goods and Services Sort: sort pictures of goods and services (p.5-6)


3.Goods and Services: draw examples of goods and services and label them (p.7)


4.Making Choices: color in toys whose sum is equal or less than 85 cents (p.8)


5.Basic Needs: draw examples of basic needs (Food, clothing, shelter) (p.9)


6. Game Ideas: list of game ideas and instructions along with printouts (p.10-18)


7. Why Save?: describe the why it is important to save our money and write what you would save money for (p.19)


8. When I Grow Up: draw a picture of what you want to be when you grow up (p.20)


9. A Job Well Done: pick a job and list what life-skills you would need to perform that job well (p.21)

Ch-Ch-Changes: States of Matter Unit


Week-long unit with activities about states of matter (solids, liquids and gases)


1. Solids, Liquids and Gas, Oh my! - Table for students to fill in

definitions and examples of the different types of matter.


2. Properties of Matter - Students will write and describe

properties of a solid, a liquid and a gas.


3. Matter Walk - Students will observe different objects

outside and record them on a chart as a solid, liquid or gas.


4. Do Liquids Change? Experiment - Students will observe what

happens when a liquid is placed in the freezer.


5. Do Solids Change? Experiment - Students will predict which

method will melt an ice cube the fastest.


6. Study Trip Activities - Activities to use for a field trip to an

ice cream/frozen yogurt shop. Students can draw what the

ice cream looks like before and after it is made. Students can

draw and label a map of the shop. Students can interview and

record answers of an employee.


7. Matter Sort - Students will sort objects by type of matter.


8. All About Matter book - fill-in-the-blank book

about states of matter.

Buggy about Life Cycles

A K/1 Science Unit about insects and life cycles:

1. Insect Web (p.3)
2.Insect Facts (p.4-10)
3.Insect or Not an Insect? (p.11-15)
4.“Go Buggy!” Game (p.16-20)
5.Roll and Draw an Insect (p.21-22)
6.Life Cycle of a Butterfly (p.23)
7.Life Cycle of a Frog (p.24)
8.Make Your Own Life Cycle (p.25)
9.“I Grow and Change” Book (p.26-31)
10.“I Grow and Change” Project (p.32-39)
11.Animals and Their Babies (p.40)

Multiple Representations of Amounts to 50 Cents

Bee-themed cards show money amounts represented three ways: cent symbol, coins, dollar sign and decimal point. Use the cards for two different activities:

1. Sort by the representation type and make generalizations about each type
2. Order from least to greatest or greatest to least

Includes a printable

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3D Shapes, Their Nets and Properties

Everything you need to teach about 3D shapes is found in this illustrated tutorial booklet. From definitions and real world examples to a folding activity for the net of each 3D shape. Solids featured are cubes, cuboids, spheres, cylinders, cones, triangular pyramids, rectangular pyramids and triangular prisms. 


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