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The "KindergartenWorks" Shop
KindergartenWorks brings you 8+ years of model/lab school teaching experience to save you time in your classroom! Everything I've created for you has been at use in my classroom! Rest assured it's been kid-tested and principal approved!

I believe in developing independence and teaching students to think on their own, think through their actions and develop an awareness of good choices. My work featured here on Teachers reflects that and the need to differentiate for all students as well as how to keep it streamlined, effective and simple for you the teacher.

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Daily Agenda Strips

Get the hottest and easiest to use daily agenda item available for primary classrooms!

KindergartenWorks brings you six pages of daily agenda items featuring a kindergarten-friendly font and picture icons. Keep your class from asking, "When is lunch?" and "Do we have gym today?" by encouraging and reinforcing the use of the agenda.

  • 46 different possible agenda items (some with different names to accompany varying teacher styles)
  • Ready to print, laminate and cut into strips
  • Choose what works best for you! Add velcro or magnets to place your agenda wherever is most convenient; or place strips into a tall agenda/schedule pocket chart.

These strips keep you from having to re-write or draw out your agenda every day and make it simple and quick! The pictures are highly effective in developing independence with non-readers and beginning readers. Have two story times? Print two story strips! Change as needed - the flexibility is yours. This pack comes with a cutting guide page, so you'll be sure to get the best results!

Product Length: 6 pages

ABC Order - Shake and Sort Back to School Edition

Shake and Sort is a fun way for students to practice their alphabetizing, spelling, and creative writing skills.

The "Back to School" edition of Shake and Sort comes with 24 cards to be used as a learning center. With its high interest cards, Shake and Sort feels like a game!

Students draw cards from a Shake and Sort bag or similar container that you’ve made using the included labels. They then use the cards to practice putting words into ABC order and writing interesting sentences.

Students can use this center over and over again. Once they’ve completed the activity, simply have them put the cards they chose back into the bag and draw new cards.

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My All About Me Back to School Mini Book

This is a 12 page Mini Book the students will create by completing sentences, drawing, coloring, and answering questions all pertaining to their likes, dislikes, and favorites! Just perrrfect for that first day or week of school!

Quarter 3 - Complete Common Core Standards Assessment Packet

This Quarter 3 Complete Common Core Assessment Packet is the handy assessment tool you need when assessing kindergarteners. Most testing in kindergarten is done one on one and this packet helps you be consistent, have a place for documentation and keeps it all organized in one place.

With kinder-friendly directions, included workspaces and a "diving into learning" theme this packet is also teacher friendly.


*Print Clearly is a parent friendly free font you can download to go along with the parent letter. (Optional) {Click here to download}

Purchase the Complete Common Core Assessment Bundle and get this packet as well as Quarters 1 and 2 and save! (Quarter 4 is coming fall 2011)

If you love this product, and your school or district purchase the multiple-license versions, we'll refund your purchase but let you keep your product FREE as a thank you for your reference. Email for details. This product is a single-license item for use in one classroom. We currently offer this product also as a 6-license and 50-license item. See KinderTrio's shop for more details.

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Gone Buggy- A Cross-Curricular Insect Unit

The Following is the table of contents included in the Insect Unit. 

Unit Intro: Chart Labels- What do you know about Insects? What do you wonder about insects?

Word Families: Pages to put in your literacy stations or word work area.  Word families: et, ee, ar, ig, & ug

Insect Chart Labels: 8 insect labels with sentence prompting labels and explicit teacher instructions.  These make adorable and thought provoking classroom charts which guide your students to further understanding of insects.

Insect Study: Insect writing organizers for the following 8 insects: ladybug, grasshopper, bee, worm, beetle, ant, butterfly& snail.

Writer’s Workshop: An adorable writing book for each author in your class complete with student writing book cover and inspiring bug setting writing paper.  Students use their insect organizers to make sentences on the buggy paper.

Sight Word Squish! A sight word game you can play in a small group or with partners!

Insect Addition Complete instructions for a whole class addition lesson which becomes a math tub game!  Adding numbers up to 20. Recording sheet included.

Insect Subtration ~ Ants vs. Bees A complete whole group subtraction lesson which becomes a math tub game! Subtracting from 10 and subtracting from 9.  Recording sheet included.

Insect Mats Use these math mats to sort, classify, and count insects!  They are motivating backdrops for your math and science!

Sort and Classify: use these science station cards and graphic organizers to create a sorting and classifying station in your classroom.

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The Last Holiday Concert Teaching Novel Unit ~ Common Core Standards

This is a custom written literature unit to be used with The Last Holiday Concert by Andrew Clements.

This unit is designed to be used with some student/instructor interaction. It can also be revised as an independent study for the student. It is written as an 11-day unit but can be slowed down or sped up as needed for the individual student. It is written for the 5-8th grade reading level.

It would work great in a one-on-one setting for home school or for a teacher to use as a resource in the classroom for a small group or entire class. The unit is designed so that you can start teaching immediately with little to no preparation on your part. Great time saver!

This unit contains:

  • Teacher Packet containing detailed daily lesson plans, an answer key, and suggested curriculum connection activities
  • Student Packet containing vocabulary activities and comprehension questionsfor each chapter.
  • An Assessment Packet that contains a vocabulary quiz, an end of the book test in both a short answer and multiple choice format, and an end of the book writing assessment.
  • Common Core Standards Alignment for Grades 5-8.
  • An After the Book Activity Packet that can be used with this unit or any book. This packet is also sold separately titled Fun Book Report Activity Ideas~Book Report Alternatives.

I wrote and developed this unit myself. I am a certified teacher in Nebraska. I hold a Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education from Iowa State University and a Master's Degree in Elementary Education from the University of Nebraska-Omaha. In addition to my Masters I have taken graduate courses on teaching of the Gifted and Talented. I have successfully used these activities in the classroom setting many times.

This unit is aligned with the Common Core Standards for Grades 5-8.