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Autism Acceptance Awareness "How Autism Affects Me", Middle or High School

FREE "How Autism Affects Me" Graphic Organizers for Middle & High School Students

April 2nd is World Autism Awareness Day- children, young people & adults with autism also need Acceptance & Understanding

I hope these No Prep Graphic Organizers help your older students with autism to explain to teachers, parents, therapists & their classmates how autism affects them, and the types of help they need.

Dolch 220 Sight Word Flash Cards on Keyring Cards - Mouse Themed

Sight Words Flash cards

These flash cards / Keyring cards is a great way to get your kiddos reading and enjoying it too! These Dolch sight words are to be stored on keyrings. The 11 sets of Dolch words range from Preprimer to Grade 3 and are grouped for easy reference. These cards can be printed on cardstock, laminated and mounted on keyrings either in separate sets or together. Your cards can be easily stored hanging in your literacy center or from your desk and near to you. Your students can even use these strips as time fillers between tasks.

Dolch 220 Sight Word Rebus Sentences with Picture Cards (BUNDLED) - 229 pages

Sight Word Practice

Save on the purchase of this BUNDLED VERSION of my Dolch Sight Words Rebus sentences.

The Dolch word list is made up of "service words" (verbs, adjectives, adverbs, pronouns, conjunctions and prepositions) which cannot be learned through the use of pictures. Therefore, the use of picture cards to represent concrete nouns will help your students to cement target sight words in their long term memory.

Kids will master Dolch's Sight Words as they create fun, rebus-style sentences. This unique hands on activity allows them to use the sentence strips along with colored picture-word cards to complete each sight word sentence. As they create simple rebus sentences they get active practice in using common sight words and nouns as recommended by Edward Dolch a major proponent of the "whole-word" method of beginning reading instruction. 

This resource allows your students to focus on just a few sight words at a time. 
Simply print on cardstock, laminate and cut out all the picture-word cards and the sentence strips. You can store them in ziplock bags in your literacy center. This resource is best for individual practice.


Note: ***The picture cards are the same in all levels.***

Compound Words

Compound Words is a hands on activity pack that will teach, reinforce and support your students understanding of compound words. With these activities your students will identify, write, match, and create compound words while using this colorful and user friendly activity pack. 

This pack includes:
* 5 Compound Word activities 
* “I Can” Statements and Directions for each activity 
* Compound words and pictures for each activity
* Recording and sorting mats
* 1 Make and take compound word flip book
* Worksheets to support the activities
* Color and black and white masters for printing options

This activity pack is great for whole group instruction, small group instruction, literacy centers and for your fast finishers!

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Cindy ~ Charming Corner's Collection

*Buy 5 items with Charming Corner's Collection and get one of your choice free of charge. (Once you have purchased 5 products choose a product from my store front and email me at with your email address and the title and I will email it to you free of charge.)

The "Charming Corner's Collection" Shop

Welcome!  In this store you will find various teaching resources, activities, and resources.  I hope that you are able to find something that makes your day a bit brighter.  Thank you for stopping by!heart

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Earth Day Cause and Effect Interactive PowerPoint
FREE -- Subtraction Word Problem (Ladybugs) FREEBIE

 FREE -- Subtraction Word Problem (Ladybugs) FREEBIE

This one page addition word problem freebie allows students to use a number line, ten frame, and an equation to solve the problem. A matching picture is also helpful in solving the word problem. Students can also color the picture. 

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This is great for morning work, math centers, homework, or a mini lesson.

I hope your students enjoy this freebie to help them become successful at solving addition word problems.

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Spring Read and Write

Spring Read and Write

This product is NOW AVAILABLE in a Read and Write Bundle
offering a SAVINGS of 12%. 

In this three page Spring Read and Write pack, students will read the one page spring story and color the pictures. Then there are two pages with five sentences on each page about the story. Each sentence has a missing word. At the end of each sentence, there are two words for students to choose the correct missing word. Students will circle the word that correctly completes the sentence matching the story on the first page, and then write the correct word in the blank.

This is a great reading and comprehension check for guided reading, a mini lesson, a literacy center, or homework.

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Students/Kids with Books Clip Art [color + black & whote]

This 22-piece set is the Colorful + Black & White version.

All images are in PNG formats with high resolution

Please read the TERMS OF USE regarding personal and commercial use for the images to this LINK

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