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Pack your backpack

   Summer is time to travel, it means that it’s time to pack your backpacks and suitcases. You need to choose what to take with you, because the space in your luggage is limited. But making a choice is not an easy matter and the climate is in different parts of the world. A great summer activity will diversify your classes. Just print and do!

   What to do:

- let the students choose a backpack. There is a collection of them for every taste and color;

- now a little bit of crafting - make slots for pockets and stick on a thick sheet of paper. Your backpack is ready!

- brush up or study the names of the countries, discuss where the students have been to or where they would like to go and why, what famous sights they have visited/would like to visit, etc;

- then there is a choice, where to go? Let the children choose the country themselves or you can arrange a lottery, the sale of burning tours, just poke your finger on the map of the world blindly or write the names of countries on the slips of paper, mix them, put in a hat and choose. By the way, you can go on a trip separately, in pairs or in tourist groups;

- it's time to pack a suitcase! In open pockets of backpacks and suitcases children draw/write (or both) a list of things they need for their specific trips. (since the suitcase isn’t rubber, you can limit their imagination to a certain number of things, but it is not necessary). Depending on the level of children: they can just call what they will take with them, tell and argue why exactly this or that thing is preferable, ask each other different questions and discuss. Discuss in pairs or in groups, if they all go together, and give a final feedback.

   You can pack your backpacks:

- to travel abroad;
- to go camping with your family;
- to go to a summer camp or health resort;
- to visit your grandma and stay in the village for a month or so;
- on a desert island, imagining that the ship is getting shipwrecked and they have only a few minutes to find and take with them exactly those items that will help to hold out until the arrival of rescuers.

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Writing Prompts for the Year

No more scrambling around trying to think of a writing prompt each day. In this packet, there is a calendar for each month August-June for writing.

Each month has journal writing prompts and titles that allow your students to grow as a writer. Journals are the best way to keep track of your students writing and the growth they have made. Most of the time we as teachers grade work and send it home. When your student uses a journal not only can you keep up with their progress but at the end of the year they will have a keep sake of their writing for the school year.

Each month has prompts that are based on personal experences, events, ideas, holidays, etc... that are done in that month.

You can print each month, put it in a sheet protector, or laminate it and place it in your writing center. Or you copy month by month an allow each student to have their own. Which ever one works for you! One year, I gave each student a copy. Each day, they colored in a topic of their choice and wrote about it. They kept the calendar in a work folder in their desk until they had used all of the topics for that month. The next year I laminated it and kept it in the center for the whole month. They both worked well! It will depend on your students.

Also in this packet is a rubric that allows students evaluate their work before turning it in. 

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Substitute Plans for 3rd Grade--3 days

Emergencies may happen! Unexpected situations may happen. Anything can happen that can keep you from being able to go to work. And boy does it take a long time create effective lesson plans that will challenge your children even when you are absent. These substitute plans are just what you need in your substitute folder. Just zippidy-doo-daa print and go. Just like that! directions are written out for your sub and they are easy to follow. Each day is sectioned with a chart that has the directions as well as labeled worksheets based on which activity/lesson it is. Don’t worry and don’t fret! You have everything you need to plan for your sub! Print and go!

Included in the packet is
3 Lesson Plans with explicit directions and Common Core standards
3 days of morning work 
3 days of Read-a-loud for the story "Miss Nelson is Missing" + activities
3 days of Read with a friend (shared reading)--Poems + activities
3 days of grammar
3 days of math (2 different levels)
3 days of fluency (leveled fluency phrases/sentences)
3 days of writing prompts

All 220 Sight Word Recognition Game with Pumpkins

Practice sight word recognition with this fall themed game designed for learning about all 220 Sight Words. The object of this Halloween themed game is to find the black cat hidden behind one of the pumpkin by using your sight word knowledge to pick your guesses.

Designed for the pocket chart, Where's the Cat? is a game for centers or whole group instruction where a black cat is hidden behind a pumpkin. A poem is chanted where the student(s) must say the sight word they think the cat is behind. Once guessed, the sight word is removed. If the cat is behind the leaf, then the cat must be hidden again to play further. If the cat is not behind the pumpkin, then the poem is chanted again and a new sight word is guessed.

This product contains all 220 Sight Words:

The "Sherry Clements" Shop

Includes printables(digital downloads) for the primary grades (K-2) for language arts (common core) including reading, writing, literacy centers, and emergent readers.  Math activities (common core) are available including activities for numbers, addition, subtraction, math journals, and math centers.

Fall Language Arts and Math BUNDLE

This Fall Language Arts and Math BUNDLE (224 pages) helps get you ready for your instruction in small groups, guided reading, math and literacy centers, homework, morning work, and so much more! 

You can SAVE 20% off of the individual items listed at the bottom of this page by purchasing this Fall BUNDLE! 

The resources included in this bundle are also available individually at the links at the bottom of the page. Please make sure you have not previously purchased them before purchasing this bundle.

You will find the items shown below in this Fall BUNDLE with the links at the bottom of the page.

Fall Read and Write
Numbers and Sets to 10 Fall
Emergent Reader Acorns
Acorn Addition (sums to 20)
Acorn Subtraction (from 10 and 20)
Numbers 0-20 and Number Words Sequencing - Acorns
Emergent Reader: Leaves
Number Book 0-20 Acorns (ten frames and number words)

You can see a preview for each item included in this bundle at the links below. The previews allow you to see every page you will be receiving in this bundle.

I hope your students enjoy this FUN fall bundle!

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Addition Story Problems Book (May)

May Addition Story Problems Book (sums to 10)

This 25 page book is designed so that you can copy the book, cut it in half, staple, and then it is ready for use. Each page includes a number line 0-10, an addition story problem, and an equation matching the story problem. The 25 pages consist of a title page “My May Addition Book.” Then the remaining 24 pages actually include 12 different addition story problems. Each story problem is duplicated on the page following it. The first page for each story problem has the equation (addends) filled in with only the sum missing. The equation for the second page for each story problem only has the plus sign and equals sign in the equation with blank lines for students to fill in the missing addends from the story problem. The students must read the story problems and find the missing addends for the equation and then solve to find the sum. The number line is available to help students solve each problem. These two different page types allow for differentiation of students.
Some students are ready to read the word problem and find the sum while others rely on the equation being complete and only having to solve the equation.

These story problems can be put together in booklet form as discussed above or individual sheets can be used. The story problems are on a half sheet of paper.

These word problems are great for guided math groups, homework, math center activities, or morning work.

The preview shows each page in the packet.

I hope your students enjoy solving these story problems.

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Dr. Clements' Kindergarten

Sunflower Garden Trace the Words Worksheets Preschool/Kindergarten

Preschool and kindergarten students will enjoy developing their handwriting skills with these fun Sunflower Garden Trace the Words worksheets. File contains two worksheets with 10 words and colorful pictures of objects found in a garden. Students simply read the words and trace them.

Word List
- seeds
- pot
- wheelbarrow
- watering can
- garden hose
- fence
- trowel
- bee
- ladybug
- sunflower

Answer key is not included and is not needed. Product is not editable.

Ordinal Numbers 1-10 Community Helpers Worksheets

This product includes four community helper themed worksheets on ordinal numbers 1-10. Students read a sentence, and then circle the appropriate picture within the row. Each worksheet contains four rows of black and white clipart pictures.

Use them in math centers, as classwork, as homework, or as assessment. Answer key is not included and is not needed. Created for grades PreK-1st.

Ordinal Numbers 1-10 Community Helpers product contents:

Page 1 – police officers, construction workers, veterinarians, and astronauts

Page 2 – firefighters, bakers, coaches, and detectives

Page 3 – farmers, doctors, lifeguards, and painters

Page 4 – soldiers, nurses, news reporters, and mail carriers