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Identifying and Counting Coins- Introductory Unit

A unit on introducing children to coins! Lessons, activities, centers, games, posters, and everything you need for a successful unit. Skills: Coin recognition and counting by pennies!

Coins: Penny, Nickel, Dime, and Quarter

What is included in this product?
-Detailed Unit Plan, flexible for 1-2 week duration
-All About Coins Printables (1 sheet for each coin)
-Coin Cut Outs and Anchor Chart Headers (Color and BW)
-Coin Posters (Color and BW)
-24 coin fact cards (6 per coin, color and BW)
-Coin Puzzles (2 variations, color and BW): Matching coin to value, and matching heads and tails.
-2 variations of coin sorting mats (color and BW)
-Color by Coin Printables
-Spin and Cover Printables with Spinners (color and BW)
-Pocket Chart Cards/Sorting Cards
-Counting Pennies
-Objects and Price Tag Cards with Recording Sheet


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The "KinderPals" Shop

Welcome to my store! Here you will find resources for Preschool- 1st grade! These resources are interactive, engaging, and meaningful so that students LOVE LEARNING! I have taught in all grades ranging from Preschool-4th grade, but my heart belongs with the little ones! Young children are so impressionable and excitable, and I love creating resources that allow them to learn actively and keep their imagination and excitement for learning.

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Christian Decor Banner | The Lord is Coming


Christian Decor Banner

This fun banner makes it easy to decorate your room or house. The banner could be hung on a bulletin board or a mantle. Just print, cut, and hang on a piece of ribbon. Each pennant is approximately 7.5 x 10 inches; banner length will vary depending on spacing of letters on the ribbon. 

This is a great spring or Easter banner.

Building Sentences VI

About the set :
Building Sentences Set V I is designed for struggling learners, speech therapy, special education, 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade and ESL; 

Building Sentences Set includes 30 cards . 

The aim of the set to help your students master spelling numbers
( 2-11) and plural nouns.

-Both color and black and white versions are included , as well as answer keys;


Simply cut out the cards , laminate them and 
prepare your dry erase markers.

Versions 1:

1.Trace the number

2.Highlight it ( s / es / ies / ves)

3.Complete the plural noun

4.Copy the sentence on the line

Versions 2:

1. Fill in the missing letters

2. Highlight it ( s / es / ies / ves)

3. Complete the plural noun

4. Copy the sentence on the line

Version 3:

1.Highlight it ( s / es / ies / ves)

2.Complete the plural noun

3.Copy the sentence on the line

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle for Earth Day or any day!

Students brainstorm ideas for helping the planet and set goals for themselves. Choose between 3 R's and 4 R's versions. 

This download includes:
- Teacher directions 
- Definitions of related vocabulary
- Student printable
- Possible ideas for inspiration
- Both 3 R's and 4 R's (with refuse) versions included

- Earth writing paper

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Statue of Liberty Puppet

This Statue of Liberty paper bag puppet craft is a great activity to learn more about this national symbol of freedom.

Brainstorm what the Statue of Liberty might say. Then, make your puppet. Especially great for July 4th. 

3 craft options:
- Paper bag puppet
- Popsicle stick puppet
- Finger puppet

This download includes:
- Speech bubble sheets for brainstorming what Lady Liberty might say
- 3 puppet options
- Statue of Liberty fact sheet (two different version for differentiation)
- Teacher directions
- One example of a quote Lady Liberty might say

- Writing paper

- Statue of Liberty sonnet written by Lazarus

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Second Grade Sight Word Recognition Game for Spring

Practice sight word recognition with this spring themed game designed for learning about 2nd Grade Sight Words. The object of the game is to find the ladybug hidden behind one of the flowers buy using your sight word knowledge to pick your guesses.

Designed for the pocket chart, Where's the Ladybug? is a game for centers or whole group instruction where a ladybug is hidden behind a flower. A poem is chanted where the student(s) must say the sight word they think the ladybug is behind. Once guessed, the sight word is removed. If the ladybug is behind the flower, then the ladybug must be hidden again to play further. If the ladybug is not behind the flower, then the poem is chanted again and a new sight word is guessed. This game has all Second Grade Sight Words.

Career - Job - Employment Guide > TURN PASSION into PURPOSE: Curricula with Self Assessments!

Turn Passion into Purpose: A+ Career Guide Book 4 Success is a unique guide geared for teens through adults. Whether you are searching or reinventing a career path these timeless topics are easy to understand. Reading format is designed for quick tips.

This Teacher's Edition is a completely self guided curricula. Topics are modular so they can be used in any order. Use this guidebook as a complete course or as a supplemental source. This book offers assessments to help define skills and interest for targeting a job fit for your students. Also included is a unique self assessment on the type of work environment that fits a person best.

Your students can learn procedures for criminal background checks, and how they can affect career goals. Take the mystery out of drug testing so there is no anxiety over taking the procedure. Let your students get a head start on job interviewing techniques > there are lot's of tips for success included.

A special bonus not typically discussed > learn how a recruiter's perception influences a job candidate's outcome. Be sure to share this invaluable information with your students and peers! Teachers, note that the subject topics taught and are not a part of ordinary career books.

This Products is Bundled for $avings in the CAREER CORNER 3-Pack.

ETHICS & CIVICS: BIG Business Ethics> Investigative Research & Blogging ACTIVITY


Students will role play being an Investigative Journalist who follows big business crisis which involves consumer product failings. This is an all inclusive independent student activity. Skill sets acquired and utilized includes:

  • Investigate and research a critical consumer product crisis
  • Planning and notation using a step-by-step template questionnaire
  • Report, Write, and Edit a blog that explains how a selected company ethically resolved a consumer product issue.

Students will be actively engaged in this comprehensive activity to enhance, develop, and create awareness in:

  • Critical Thinking Skills for Information Dissemmination
  • Public Opinion, Response and Concerns
  • Big Business Ethics and Rationale for Resolving a Product Failing
  • Writing/Editing/Journaling Skills for Reporting Details
  • Fact Finding and Cross Reference Checks for Verification
  • Guidelines and Ideas for Effective Blog Writing
CANNABIS~ GRASS ROOTS: The Life Cycle Presented in a Powerpoint with Discussion Points

GRASS ROOTS Education for Kids to Adults! The Life Cycle of "POT" Presented in Pictures is a MUST HAVE to Dis-Spell Myths and Fact from Fiction. The Legalization of Cannabis makes Educating Students Ethically Responsible~!

Get with the "POT" program and educate your students because knowledge is key to good choices. And now that the cannabis plant is legal in many states set the ground work for understanding. This pot pictorial is full of pictures that show the primary life cycle and uses of the cannabis plant.

Some of the highlights discussed are:
** The life cycle of the cannabis plant;
** How buds grow; how to harvest; treatment of the final product;
** Myths dispelled & facts revisited --lots of humor too;
** Addictions thereto & taking self responsibility;
** The good side of marijuana > careers, new markets, medical uses.
** Class discussion topics included!

This honest tell-all book takes the mystic out of marijuana. It educates. It entertains with humor. And it encourages students to take a look at cannabis for its positive contributions.

Great discussion starter ~ Use as a Power-point or a Book!
Written with common sense and it's geared for healthy choices!