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Beginning of the School Year Note to my Teacher

Here is a simple "To My Teacher" note for each student to fill out as, or just before, the new school year begins. The information shared through the answering of simple, lighthearted questions will enlighten the teacher just a bit as to the personality and preferences of each student. This resource consists of 5 sheets, and on the last sheet there is a space for a picture of this student.
This "Beginning of the Year Note to my Teacher" is meant to be a complementary piece to the "End of the School Year From My Teacher Note," which the teacher fills out for each student in reflection of the school year. 
One Arts Infusion Collaborative seeks to create original poetry, songs, and resources which support and enhance curricular content, celebrate holidays, and help build meaningful connections to learning.

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The Heart of a Garden: A Spring Poem

Here is a gentle poem that invites the reader and listener to imagine all of the artistry and creativity involved in organizing a garden. The sweet poem is followed by a simple but important task of drawing a garden you would love to have. The collection of these drawings created by my students looked so precious up on a bulletin board with the poem situated in the middle. We added photos we found of gardens from all over the world, from our hometowns, and from our own yards.

Play Sheet Music

A season for play; Summer! Pull out the stops and run with the wind during this brilliant season of full imagination. This joyous little song celebrates a childhood summer immersed in play. My students love pantomiming every sort of playing during the "la la" part of this song:) Perhaps the wonder, the exhilaration, the importance of free, creative play should not be reserved for summer alone, but rather deliberately and generously infused through all seasons, all ages, all subject matter. It is in play that we learn to trust our creativity. 
One Arts Infusion Collaborative seeks to create original music that supports and enhances all curricular content, celebrates holidays, and stirs the creative sparkle in each one's heart. 

Peace For The Children Music Duo (also called "Peace Begins With Me") 1 sheet music 1 mp4 video file

In this music duo set you will find the following 2 items:
Sheet Music to the original song, "Peace for the Children"
mp4 file to rehearse singing "Peace for the Children"

This song was written for a third grade class to perform at a local International Day of Peace Celebration. Its gentle words and simple melody make it easy and fun to learn and share, but its message is powerful and important. 

This song is well suited for 1st through 4th grade students. With the sheet music, you can accompany your students as they sing. With the mp4 file, you can rehearse the song in your classroom with your students or even use the mp4 file as an accompaniment when you students sing this special song for fun or for a program. One Arts Infusion Collaborative seeks to create original music that supports and enhances curricular content and musically celebrates holiday facts, traditions, and themes.

Spring Math Scavenger Hunt

Spring Math Scavenger Hunt! 90 questions aligned with 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade math standards. (common core aligned) All Spring clue cards are in color with Spring themed clip art. The question cards (back of the clue are black and white for easy printing. This set is also included in my Math Scavenger Hunt BUNDLE.

Spring Math Scavenger Hunt includes:

90 question cards.(30 questions for each grade level)
The front of the envelope or card is in color. The back or question inside the envelope is in black and white.
A recording sheet for each student.
An answer key, instructions, and standards are included in the teacher's instruction file.


Superhero Bible Lesson

Superhero Themed Bible Lesson Unit. Superhero Bible Lesson provides 3 lessons to be taught to elementary students. A few modifications for preschool have also been included. 
Bible Lesson One: Believe..the story of the Cross
Bible-Lesson Two- Trust..the story of David and Goliath
Bible Lesson Three-Pray...the story of Daniel and the Lion's Den.

These three Superhero Bible Lessons focus on the greatest Hero..Jesus Christ.
This unit can be spread over 3 days. 

This Superhero Bible Lesson Product includes:
3 Superhero Bible Lesson Plans( these do require some prep work and are better suited for whole group lessons)
A small booklet for the verses and includes the plan of salvation to copy and print for each student.
Instructions of how this product was used at our church.

Also included are graphic organizers for independent work...Download the preview for more information.
BONUS...a few signs if you used this program as a small VBS version.
This product does NOT contain craft, game, or snack ideas.
If you email me at, I can send you ideas of what my church used to compliment this product

A Calendar Year Of Writing Mega Unit ~ 12 Writing Prompt Calendars

A Calendar Year Of Writing Mega Unit ~ 12 Writing Prompt Calendars
Based On Common Core Standards

This Calendar Year Writing Mega Unit is all you need for an entire year of journal writing! It includes 12 writing calendars, with 20 writing prompts on each calendar, journal covers, best practices writing checklists and a variety of writing paper designs for each month. These calendars were created without specific dates or days of the week so it can be a resource used year after year. Children can glue the calendar into a composition notebook each month to create a writing journal. Another option is to print out journal covers and pages, to create your own monthly writing journals for your students. This is a wonderful daily “Do-now” activity for the beginning of the school day, or it can be used as a writing center.

Features Of This Unit:

* 12 Calendars (With and without a color background)

* Each calendar has 20 writing prompts 

* Word Bank On The Bottom Of Each Calendar

* Writing journal covers (Three for each month)

* Writer's checklist for students to remind children what to focus on while writing. (One for each month)

* A variety of seasonal writing paper designs, each with two different line types. (Six for each month)

*You can also use these papers to make up your own writing prompts or other winter writing activities. These open printables have endless uses from spelling tests to ABC order activities.

*These calendars were created without specific dates or days of the week so it can be a resource used year after year. 

Click on the preview to see sample pages from this unit!

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Summer Camp Real Life Connections Worksheets

Price $3.00 Do your students like summer camp themes? Summer Camp and Real Life Connections involves basic reading skills. These fun 28 pages include 10 lessons, such as Packing for Camp, What’s Happening in the Wilderness, Friendly Letters, Connections to the Wild, 3 assessments, links to camping songs and keys.

Lesson activities can be completed as a whole group or small group with the instructor using a SmartBoard, white board and adobe reader, projector or document camera as learners easily follow along. 

 Your feedback is very much appreciated. Thank you!

Cover Imagery supplied by

Scrappin Doodles

Dancing Crayon Designs

Creative Clips

Common Core State Standards

2.L.5.A Identify real-life connections between words and their use (e.g., describe food that are spicy or juicy). Con

2. L.2.E Consult reference materials, including
beginning dictionaries, as needed to check and
correct spellings.

2.RF.4.C Use context to confirm or self-correct word
recognition and understanding, rereading as

2.RL.2.7 Use information gained from the illustrations and words in a print or digital text to demonstrate understanding of its characters, setting, or plot.Consult reference materials, including beginning dictionaries, as needed to check and correct spellings.