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Making Predictions: Using Prior Knowledge and Evidence
April Fool's Day Close Reading and Writing Prompts

This close reading passage is aligned with Common Core standards to let students have fun learning about April Fool’s Day, while also practicing their Reading Common Core skills. The activities are also designed to help create text-dependent students.

An answer key is provided.

This product also includes 3 separate writing prompts about the close reading passage. One prompt gives the students an opportunity to write an opinion piece. One prompt encourages them to do an informative piece. The third prompt allows them to be free and write a fiction or non-fiction narrative account.


If you find something wrong with this product, please let me know before providing negative feedback and I will correct it as quickly as possible.

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Copyright information:
Purchasing this product grants permission for use by one teacher in his or her own classroom. If you intend to share with others, please purchase an additional license.

Free Downloads -- Addition and Subtraction Word Problems (FREEBIE)

FREE -- Addition and Subtraction Word Problems (FREEBIE)

This two page addition and subtraction word problem freebie allows students to use a number line, ten frame, and an equation to solve the two problems. A matching picture is also helpful in solving the word problem. Students can also color the picture or add drawings to the freebie if needed.

These are great for morning work, math centers, homework, or a mini lesson.

I hope your students enjoy this freebie to help them become successful at solving addition word problems.

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Subtracting Fractions

Subtracting Fractions – Math puzzle

I’ve included three different sizes of the same puzzle. The smaller size is only three pages and it is great if you are going to print of individual copies for students to practice with in class or at home. The larger size requires 6 pieces of paper and quite a bit of space to solve – fun for centers and group work. The extra-large size requires 18 pieces of paper.

Cut out the puzzle pieces (or even better if your students do it themselves) and students are to solve the puzzle so that it matches the solution provided. 

I’ve been using these puzzles for years with great success! I recommend printing the puzzles on colourful paper and laminating them. This way you only have to cut them out once and they will last for years!

What is included in this product?

• The solution to the puzzle – Pages 2 

• The normal size puzzle – Pages 3 – 5 

• The large size puzzle – Pages 6 – 11

• The extra-large size puzzle – Pages 12-29

• Questions and Answers in a table format for easy grading or you can cut these out to play a matching game – Pages 30 – 32

My students love doing these types of puzzles.

This product can also be used as a perfect revision of the school work to do at home. All answers can be easily checked thanks to the included solution to the puzzle or questions and answers shown in a table.

Thank you for checking my resources.

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Community Helpers Bundle

Community Helpers BUNDLE 

SAVE 26% off of these Community Helper resources when purchasing this bundle.

This BUNDLE contains 226 pages of language arts and math resources. 

All 8 resources shown at the bottom of the page are included in this bundle. Take a look at the PREVIEW at each link below to see all pages included. 

These activities are great for morning work, literacy and math centers, guided reading, and homework or for a quick mini lesson. 

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Who? What? Where?
fireman, policeman, chef, crossing guard, detective, doctor, mail carrier, mechanic, nurse, teacher, trash collector, vet, business woman, businessman, farmer, fisherman, forest ranger, lifeguard, miner, oil worker, ski guide, tour guide, waiter, and waitress

Halves and Fourths Task Cards: 1st Grade CC: Reason with shapes and attributes

This is a set of 24 QR code task cards aligned to the first grade common core standard:
Partition circles and rectangles into two and four equal shares, describe the shares using the words halves, fourths, and quarters, and use the phrases half of, fourth of, and quarter of. Describe the whole as two of, or four of the shares. Understand for these examples that decomposing into more equal shares creates smaller shares.

Students will need to identify halves and fourths, and be able to partition shapes into halves and fourths.

*QR codes are now included so that students can check their work! The QR codes for the yes/no questions are in text format, and the QR codes for the drawing cards link to picture examples.

*Update: 2 versions of the task cards are now included: one with QR codes, and one without


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Animal Habitat Sort

Animal Habitat Sort is a fun way for students to become familiar with ocean, desert, polar and rain forest habitats. This activity allows students to use animal cards to sort animals into the correct animal habitat. As an extension students can tell something about the animal or the habitat before continuing with the sort. You could also print two sets of the animal cards and use them for a matching game. This makes for a good center activity,


This set includes 32 animal cards and two versions of the habitat mat. One version is a full page and the other a half page for a more ink friendly version. 

Adding Inflectional Endings with -s, -ed, and -ing

Inflectional Ending Boards are intended to help students work with adding the -s, -ed, and -ing endings to a given root word (also known as base word). Students do this by matching the various forms of the word to the root word shown on the board. The boards consist of regular words, words that need a double consonant, irregular words, words in which the “e” is dropped before adding the ending, and also words that end in “sh, ch, ss, x, or z. 

The set includes 9 different boards with corresponding words, 4 rule cards, and 2 recording sheets. 

The "Mrs. Navarres Shop" Shop

I have taught both kindergarten and 1st grade over the passed 14 years. I have a love for teaching and a desire, as I am sure we all do, to make a difference in the lives of every child. I am excited about my Teachers Notebook store and love this new way for teachers to shop and find resources for their classroom. Happy shopping! 

Sentence Writing - Spring

Fun spring sentence writing freebie!!!! Write a sentence about a spring themed picture. Each page/picture has a word bank for support. There are a total of eight pictures to write about. 
Thanks for taking a look! I'd love to hear your feedback.

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