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I currently teach Kindergarten in Texas! I have had experience teaching grades K-4. I have SO much fun creating products for my classroom and I am THRILLED to have the opportunity to share them with others!

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Emergent Reader Sight Words BUNDLE (as, with, his, they, I)

Emergent Reader Sight Words BUNDLE (as, with, his, they, I)

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This 140 page bundle includes five emergent readers, one reader for each of the sight words (as, with, his, they, and I) which are connected to several CCGPS listed below.

You can find PREVIEWS for each of the five emergent readers included in this bundle at the links at the bottom of the page:

Each of the five readers includes this description:

This 13 page book includes a title page with bubble letters spelling the focused sight word for students to color, and then 10 pages include a black and white picture at the top of each page with a sentence using the focused sight word. There are two more pages asking students to draw a picture of their own and write a sentence of their own using the sight word, and then the final page asks students to trace the sight word three times and then write it three times on their own on the blank line. After this, there are 13 additional pages with the exact pictures and words as the first 13 pages. The only difference is that on this second copy of the book, the sight word being focused on is dotted on each page for students to trace.

The pages of the book are not numbered giving the teacher flexibility of removing pages not desired when using in small guided reading groups for differentiation.

This 13 page book is designed so that you can copy the book, cut in half, staple, and then it is ready for use.

Students can benefit from this reader by tracking print, identifying spaces between words, identifying particular letters of the alphabet, recognizing sounds (beginning, middle, and ending) in each word, and reading sight words and grade level text. For extension activities, students could add another sentence to each page giving details about each picture shown. The black and white pictures allow students the opportunity to color the pictures. This reader is great for guided reading groups, homework, or literacy center activities.

***This is the fourth bundle of 20 bundles for emergent readers for the first hundred popular sight words (high frequency words) in the works. The readers will build on the words focused on in the previous readers as much as possible.

ELACCKRF1a. Follow words from left to right, top to bottom, and page-by-page.

ELACCKRF1d. Recognize and name all upper and lowercase letters of the alphabet.

ELACCKRF1b. Recognize that spoken words are represented in written language by specific sequences of letters.

ELACCKRF1c. Understand that words are separated by spaces in print. ELACCKRF3a. Demonstrate basic knowledge of one-to-one letter-sound correspondences by producing the primary or many of more frequent sounds for each consonant.

ELACCKRF3c. Read common high-frequency words by sight.

ELACCKRF4. Read emergent-reader texts with purpose and understanding.

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Use this resource to teach your students about habitats and the
animals living in each. The types of habitats covered are: 
grasslands, forests, mountains, deserts, polar regions, oceans,
rainforests, and wetlands.
What is included:
-Informational Readers: 
There are two, eleven page mini-books in black & white. Each
book contains information on what a habitat is, the eight 
types of habitats listed above, and a glossary of terms. The
books provide the same basic information about the
different types of habitats but one is written on a higher 
level and includes more details.
- Sorting Activity: (includes answer key)
This activity comes in COLOR and BLACK & WHITE! 
Included are eight header cards (grasslands, forests, mountains, deserts, polar regions, oceans, rainforests, and wetlands) and 6 animal sorting cards for each type of habitat. 
**There is also a 2 page cut and paste sorting activity included.
- Flip Flap Books:
There is a flip flap book for each type of habitat (grasslands, forests, mountains, deserts, polar regions, oceans, rainforests, and wetlands).
Students write underneath the flaps to describe the habitat and give examples of animals that live there. 
- Venn Books: 
There are five Venn books. Students can compare & contrast 
rainforests/wetlands, grasslands/forests, mountains/deserts, and 
polar regions/oceans.
**There is also a blank Venn book included.
- Scavenger Hunt: (includes answer key)
A 10 question habitat fact scavenger hunt. The question worksheet comes in 2 forms. The habitat scavenger cards come in COLOR and BLACK and WHITE.

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ELA and Math Bundle of Activities: Fun for Everyone

This bundle of ELA and Math Resources is perfect for incorporating into your literacy and math stations or they would make a great addition to your Dr. Seuss lesson plans.  
***All of these resources comply all follow copyright laws.***   

These printables are beautiful when printed in color; however, if you are an ink-saver, please remember that you can print these resources in gray scale to save your ink.  I do recommend you printing them on card stock and laminating them for durability.

Tacky the Penguin Puppet

Tacky the Penguin Paper Bag Puppet Craft

Brainstorm what Tacky the Penguin might say. Then, make your puppet.

3 craft options:
- Paper bag puppet
- Popsicle stick puppet
- Finger puppet

This download includes:
- Speech bubble sheets for brainstorming what Tacky might say
- 3 puppet options
- Teacher directions
- One example of a quote Tacky might say

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The "mzat" Shop

Thank you SO much for your interest in my products! .   . I LOVE creating things for my classroom and for other teachers as well. I welcome any special requests you have.   . I LOVE creating things for my classroom and for other teachers as well. .Teaching is the most rewarding and challenging task I have ever chosen to do. Throughout my student teaching, I have found that my efforts to create exciting and engaging instruction are useless unless I can read my students well, and I am able to adjust to their needs.That's all about my 20 years experience. I am a stay at home mom, wife and a former elementary school teacher. I love teaching.

I teach children through activities which keep children creatively engaged in a learning conducive happy environment.

I have done my Bachelor's Degree in Secondary Education. Certificate Course in Early Childhood Education. Online Montessori Course ( from USA ) .



Montessori. The Reggio Emilia Approach Waldorf Approach

My favourite subjects are Math, Geography and Biology.



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Greater Than Less Than Equal To Printables (Bugs) (Cut and Paste)

This 20 page packet requires students to cut and paste the correct symbol (greater than, less than, and equal to) between the two sets of bugs. Ten of the pages include the "equal" symbol. All pages contain bug graphics. 

Students may need to write the number for each set before cutting and gluing the correct symbol. If time does not permit for cutting and gluing, students may simply write in the correct symbol for practice. 

At the top of each page, it states: "Alvin the Alligator is hungry! He wants to eat the most bugs he can find! Help him figure out which bugs to eat. Cut and paste the symbols at the bottom to solve Alvin’s problem."

An answer key is also provided for easy grading. 

I hope your students enjoy practicing greater than, less than, and equal to. 

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Sherry Clements

March Folktales and Legends Non-Fiction Passages and Task Cards

Capture the luck o' the Irish with this resource! 8 informational text passages and task cards covering high interest topics about the month of March. Find out why someone would kiss a stone, what the original color of St. Patrick's Day was, and where the "crawls' are located. Then test your students knowledge with 6 task cards covering 6 different reading strategies for informational text. 

There are 6 questions for each passage. A student answer sheet and answer key are included. 

Standards covered:

Vocabulary - RI 3.4, RI 4.4, RI 5.4 RI 6.4

Making Inferences and Using Details to Answer Questions - RI 3.1, RI 4.1, RI 5.1, RI 6.1

Describing Relationships – RI 3.3, RI 4.3, RI 5.3, RI 6.3

Main Idea and Supporting Details- RI 3..2, RI 4.2, RI 5.2, RI 6.2

Problem / Solution and Cause / Effect – RI 4.5, RI 5.5, RI 6.5

Evidence to support a Particular Point - RI 4.8, RI 5.8, RI 6.8


What are you waiting for? 


Check out the preview!

Practicing Trigonometric Identities - Dominoes

Practicing Trigonometric Identities - Dominoes

You could start your lesson by asking your students to proof a few trigonometric identities from the table first to make this activity easier.

I’ve included two different sizes of the same puzzle. The smaller size is only two pages and it great if you are going to print of individual copies for students to practice with in class or at home. The larger size requires 8 pieces of paper and quite a bit of space to solve – fun for centers and group work!

Cut out the puzzle pieces (or even better if your students do it themselves) and students are to solve the puzzle so that it matches the solution provided. If your students are going to cut out the pieces then no prep is needed – the puzzle is not in order.

I’ve been using these puzzles for years with great success! I recommend printing the puzzles on colourful paper and laminating them. This way you only have to cut them out once and they will last year after year!

What is included in this product?

• The solution to the puzzle – Pages 2 – 3 

• The normal size puzzle – Pages 4 – 5 

• The large size puzzle – Pages 6 – 13 

• Expressions and Answers in a table format for easy grading or you can cut these out to play a matching game – Pages 14 – 15 

My students love doing these types of puzzles.

This product can also be used as a perfect revision of the school work to do at home. All answers can be easily checked thanks to the included solution to the puzzle or questions and answers shown in a table.

Thank you for checking my resources.

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Leap Year Activities with Opinion Writing CCSS

Celebrate the Leap Year!! This product is perfect for teaching your students all about Leap Year. Includes Nonfiction reading, Poster to retell what they learned, bookmarks in black/white or color, and Opinion writing prompt with final draft paper and rubric! Your students will love this set!!
If you like this product, please leave feedback and a fair rating! It would be greatly appreciated!! Stop by my store for more great products, and consider becoming a follower!

Happy Teaching!!
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