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Autumn Counting: 0 - 12; Set Two

Autumn Counting Set Two: 0 – 10 is a group of hands-on, differentiated activities and centers utilizing a Pumpkin Theme!

Students will be actively engaged in counting:

  • apples

  • bats

  • candy corn

  • leaves

 while matching them to the correct number symbol or number word.


Five Sets Are Included:

  1. Purple Set:  Counting Apples on Trees

  2. Black Set:  Counting Bats Flying from a Cave

  3. Yellow Set: Counting Candy Corn on a Tray

  4. Red Set:  Counting Leaves On or Under a Tree

  5. Bonus Set:  Tally Marks, Numbers, Number Words



Each set of pictures has large cards for sorting on pocket charts.

This will be great for whole class or small group instruction.


Additionally, smaller sets of cards are included for:

  • Centers

  • Whole Class Instruction

  • Small Groups

  • Partner Games

  • Individually at Their Seats


Students can use these smaller cards for sorting:

  • numbers

  • apples

  • bats

  • candy corn

  • leaves

  • tally marks

  • number words

The cards can be easily put in numerical order after they have sorted them.


Students can use them to play Concentration with friends, or individually.


To accommodate the skill level of individual students, these activities can be easily differentiated.


Each of the four sets can be used for Write the Room activities.

Each set is coded with a symbol:



candy corn


This is to help the student while they record the answer on the recording sheet.  When students find the matching symbol, they just need to color in the appropriate number of objects they counted.

At this young age when students can count, but may still be learning how to write their numbers, it will be easy for them.

Answer keys are included.


Check Out: Autumn Counting Activities: Set One.

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If you need other center and sorting game for your Pre-K students, check out my Number Sense Series. Each month is a theme related series of number recognition games. They are now bundled for more savings.


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Thanksgiving: If You Were a Pilgrim in 1620 Growing Resource until 11/15/2016

If you were on the Mayflower in 1620

This Pilgrim writing response and craftivity is meant to be used after reading a book about the Mayflower or Pilgrims.  However I have included 17 Mayflower fact cards with Questions to think/Pair/Share about as you read all or a few a day. The cards could possibly used with a more advanced group as Task Cards for discussions.   Each student then has an opportunity to think about being a Pilgrim and sailing on the Mayflower and then has a choice of 3 different writing response sheets for a Pilgrim writing activity and make themselves as a pilgrim either from scratch or use the coloring page...your choice... although I prefer the craft!   This is a growing resource for the month of November 2016. also includes a compare/contrast sheet for students to compare themselves to Pilgrim Children.  Each few days I will be adding the following activities to this resource.  Here is what will be included in this packet before November 15th:  But remember the price will also go up as I add more ideas and activities;

As of November 1, 2016:

There is:

1.17  Mayflower fact cards with discussion questions.

2. 3 writing response sheets

3. A coloring type page to make the Pilgrims

4. Tracers to make themselves as Pilgrims...everything you need

5. Compare/Contrast Sheet to compare Pilgrim children to today’s children                   

6.   Here are a few websites where you can gather information about the Mayflower and Pilgrims:

What will be added to this packet by November 15th:

•A Power Point Point describing the Pilgrims voyage on the Mayflower and their first year In Plymouth.

•Some Games that the Pilgrims may have played or learned from the Native Americans with directions to make and play.

•Explore and make your own game from nature using various materials around the school yard or from home with letter to parents to send in some supplies.

•Native American and Pilgrim crafts from 1620.

•A few more surprises.  

Thank you for purchasing, downloading, browsing, following and inspiring! I hope this brings a bit of sunshine your way! I appreciate customer feedback and comments. If you find anything in this packet that needs to be reworked or might work better for your students, please let me know and I will be happy to rework any activity/packet that you have purchased to fit your needs. 
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Fall Animals Tracing Clipart

Fall Animals Tracing Clipart set contains:
~10 .png black and white images.
~10 .jpeg black and white. 

High quality graphics. 300 dpi.
For personal or commercial use.

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Emergent Reader: It Can Go!: Sight Words (the, can, go)

Emergent Reader: It Can Go!: Sight Words (the, can, go)

This emergent reader, “It can go” (vehicles), is connected to several CCGPS listed below. This eight page book is designed so that you can copy the book, cut it in half, staple, and then it is ready for use. The eight pages consist of a title page “It Can Go!” then each of the remaining seven pages contains a black and white picture at the top of each page and a sentence under the picture. Every page contains the sentence “The (vehicle) can go” (including the word to match picture is shown, such as “The boat can go.”). The seven pictures included are boat, car, truck, plane, train, bus, and bike. The last page has a bike with a boy standing beside it with the sentence “I can go!” Students can benefit from this reader by tracking print, identifying spaces between words, identifying particular letters of the alphabet, recognizing sounds (beginning, middle, and ending) in each word, and reading sight words and grade level text. For extension activities, students could add another sentence to each page giving details about each vehicle listed such as “The truck is big.” The black and white pictures allow students the opportunity to color the pictures. This reader is great for guided reading groups, homework, or literacy center activities.

ELACCKRF1a. Follow words from left to right, top to bottom, and page-by-page.

ELACCKRF1b. Recognize that spoken words are represented in written language by specific sequences of letters.

ELACCKRF1c. Understand that words are separated by spaces in print. ELACCKRF3a. Demonstrate basic knowledge of one-to-one letter-sound correspondences by producing the primary or many of more frequent sounds for each consonant.

ELACCKRF3c. Read common high-frequency words by sight.

ELACCKRF4. Read emergent-reader texts with purpose and understanding.

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Fall Tracing Clipart

Download the PREVIEW for more details.

This clip art set contains the  following traceable images:

Acorn, 3 apples, beetle, bird, 2 butterflies, cloud with drops, cloud, 4 flowers, 5 leaves, 2 mushrooms, nut, pear, 2 Pumpkins, rowan branch, 6 Trees, sun with cloud, sun, umbrella.


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Conspiracy Theories And Urban Legends

This ten page booklet helps students to understand what they do and don't believe in and why. It will help them to recognize reliable sources of information and develop their debating skills. Titles include:
What Do We Believe In?
What Do You Believe In?
Investigating Conspiracy Theories And Urban Myths
How Do We Judge What Is True?
How Do We Decide What We Do And Don’t Believe In?

Bottled Water: Fact Or Opinion

This nine page booklet is designed to help students distinguish between fact and opinion and to be able to offer positive and negative arguments related to bottled water. Students will begin to judge whether bottled water is environmentally, economically and socially immoral

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Addition- Dreidel Bump

***Chanukah Addition FREEBIE***

Enjoy this Chanukah themed addition FREEBIE! Players roll two dice, add the numbers up, and cover the dreidel with the answer on it with their cubes. Players may "bump" off an opponent's cube to try and win the most dreidel spots!
For a challenge, use three dice or more!

Bump mats are available in color and black/ white.
Blank colored and black/ white mats are included for you to adjust to your lessons.

Have fun!
Rochel Koval

More Hannukah/Chanukah fun!


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Counting Objects 1-10 Halloween Fun Worksheets

This product includes four Halloween themed worksheets on counting objects 1-10. Use them in math centers, as classwork, as homework, or as assessment. Answer key is not included and is not needed. Created for grades PreK-1st.

Product Contents:

Pumpkin Patch (1 page)
- Students count the pumpkins, and write the number in the box.
- There are six boxes on the page.

Caramel Apples (1 page)
- Students count the cute caramel apples, and write the number in the box.
- There are four boxes on the page.

Little Ghosts (1 page)
- Students count the little ghosts, and write the number in the box.
- There are four boxes on the page.

Spooky Spiders (1 page)
- Students count the spooky spiders, and write the number in the box.
- There are four boxes on the page.