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February - 21 Skill Building Activities

February - 21 Skill Building Activities

86 pages

February pack is chocked full of 21 skill building activities that is sure to offer up tons of learning and fun throughout the month. Filled with lots of love. This is the perfect activity pack for the month of February that will help keep everyone actively learning. 
This packet offers enough FUN to engage and challenge every child in your classroom. Skill building activities support Common Core Standards! 

Fun activities are ready to print-n-go and is perfect for Kindergarten readiness skill building, early readers and building early Math skills and more! 

Packet includes: 

1. Up to 10 Frames
2. Shadow Match
3. What Comes Next?
4. Monster Patterns
5. Cut-n-Paste Love Bugs
6. Drawing Fun
7. Read The Numbers
8. Bilingual Number Puzzles
9. Find Your Path Mazes
10. Goodies Match Up
11. Color That Heart
12. Broken Money Hearts
13. Up to 10 Dot2Dot
14. Shape Up Mats
15. Numeral Order
16. Presidential Orders
17. Beginning Sound Kisses
18. Word Match
19. Trace Color
20. Shape My Heart
21. Count It Mat 1 to 10

The desire to learn is the key to every child’s success. Having fun while learning is so important! RFTS products are exceptionally easy and fun learning for your students.

RFTS PreK Kindergarten products are created in a way which allows you to use alone or to implement the content alongside of your classrooms activities that you plan each month. To learn more and uncover additional discounts on all my products, sign up for my newsletter at 

We are passionate about providing quality care and education to enrich the lives of children

Check the preview to discover more details about this product. 

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Valentine Number/Ten Frame Playdoh Work Mats (Focus Numbers 0-20)


Valentine's Day Number/Ten Frame Playdoh Work Mats (Focus Numbers 0-20)

Students will love using playdoh to practice number formation and using ten frames to make numbers 0-20. This activity will make a great small group, whole group, or independent activity. Simply print, laminate, and store work mats in folder or large baggie for quick access.

First, students will use playdoh to form the number on the work mat. Next, form the correct amount of spheres (balls) or heart shapes and place on ten frames. Teacher or partner will check for accuracy.

Other Uses:

Use with dry erase markers instead of playdoh.

Use decorative objects as manipulatives (plastic/candy hearts, glass beads, rocks, etc.)  

Smaller Versions for Other Uses-Simply use your printer setting to print more than one to a page. 

Other Similar Products:
If you like this product and would like to see similar activities, visit my store. I have playdoh work mats for sight words, color & number words, and a freebie set you can download. Be sure to click “Follow” to receive notice of new products, sales, and freebies.  


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Valentine Graphing & Sorting (Includes: 3 Graphs and 1 Sorting Mat)

Valentine Graphing & Sorting (Includes: 3 Graphs and 1 Sorting Mat)

**CLICK PREVIEW to see pages.

Practice graphing and sorting with these 3 different Valentine themed versions. Choose the one that best fits your needs. Better yet, try them all! These activities are best used as a whole group or guided small group activity. *See font note below.

Skills Included:



Color Recognition

Color Words


Writing Practice

Note: Valentine’s Day comes in the middle of the year when many students are beginning to read on their own. For this reason, I chose a “fancy font” so that students could experience viewing other ways they may see letters and numbers written (library books, cards, etc.) and to help them understand the similarities of the letters and numbers. Be sure to incorporate this discussion into your lesson for a little bonus.  

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Valentine’s Day Comparisons

(Greater Than, Less Than, or Equal To Practice Mats)

Valentine’s Day Comparisons is a fun way for students to practice greater than, less than, and equal to math concepts.Great for small group, individual, whole group, or morning work. Makes a perfect grab-and-go math activity.

*Could use as an assessment tool for Greater Than, Less Than, Equal To Concepts

For long-term use, print on card stock, laminate, cut along dotted lines, and store in a gallon baggie. Included are numbers 0-100, along with blank cards for any additional numbers you would like to add.

Prep: Print at least TWO sets of numbers, as many work mats and symbol cards as you need for your lesson, and recording sheets for each child.


  1. Students will each need a work mat, symbol cards, at least two sets of number cards (can be shared with table group), and a recording sheet. NOTE: Teacher will choose focus numbers to use with this activity.
  2. Place shuffled stack of number cards face down.
  3. Students will pick two cards from the stack and place one card inside each picture on their work mat.
  4. Place the correct symbol in the middle space.
  5. Write the problem on their recording sheet.
  6. Put cards back at the bottom of stack and continue by picking two new cards until the recording sheet is complete. *Fast finishers can complete more problems on the back of their recording sheet.

 Differentiation Ideas:

  1. Students may use manipulatives to help solve problems.
  2. Work with a partner.
  3. Teacher will pick numbers to focus on according to ability levels. Included are 0-100 with additional blank cards. Note: Make sure to print at least two sets of each number so that students will have the opportunity to use the equal symbol.
  4. Fast finishers can complete more problems on the back of their recording sheet. 

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Winter Math Scavenger Hunt

Winter Math Scavenger Hunt. 90 question cards that are common core aligned with 2nd grade, 3rd grade,and 4th grade.(30 questions for each level). The Winter Math Scavenger hunt can be played inside or out!

Winter Math Scavenger Hunt Includes:
Instructions for the Teacher about how to play and an answer key with common core standards.
Instructions for the Student on how to play
An answer sheet for students to record their answers
3 sets of 10 clues using 2nd grade math standards with Winter themed clues.
3 sets of 10 clues using 3rd grade math standard with Winter themed clues.
3 sets of 10 clues using 4th grade math standards with Winter themed clues
These Winter clues are in color for the outside of the envelope or card and the question for the inside of the envelope is in black and white.

Super Bowl 2016 Word Problems - Math Center (3rd-4th grade) Football

Included in this 10 page math center are 20 Super Bowl/Football themed math word problem cards or task cards. What a great way to get those sports enthusiasts involved in math. Each math problem is based on real life football or Super Bowl facts. You will learn something too as the teacher.

***Updated for 2016***

Included are:
*Student Directions Page -Teacher fills in # of problems to be completed.
* 20 math problems or task cards  * Teachers can choose which cards to put out. Cards 17-20 are 4th grade only skills and may be too hard for 3rd grade.
* Recording Sheet for accountability
* Answer Key

Standards covered are:
3rd Grade Common Core: OA.A.2, OA.A.3, OA.B.6, OA.C.7, OA.D.8, NBTA.1, NBTA.2, NBTA.3, MD.A.1, MD.A.2, MD.8
4th Common Core: OA.A.1, OA.A.2, OA.C.5, NBT.A.3, NBT.B.4, NBT.B.5, MD.A.1, MD.A.3

3rd Grade 2014 Math TEKS: 1a-g, 2b, 4abefg, 5e, 7bcd, 8a

4th grade 2014 Math TEKS: 1 a-g, 4bh, 5bd, 8c

A product similar to this is For this product, I took out the superbowl questions and made it very football generic.

Football Frames by: Ashley Hughes
Clipart by: Scrappin Doodles


32 Valentine Fraction Task Cards; 108 Math Problems! Student Recording Sheets and Teacher Answer Key provided! Your students will love working the problems on these task cards! These cards are great for 5th grade, but also for high-achieving 4th graders and 6th graders who need some fractions review! Print them, laminate them, cut them out, and you will have them for years! Use these cards in small groups or one-on-one instruction, as work for early finishers, in math stations, or as a game with teams to see who can finish the most problems accurately. Happy Valentine's Day! You also might want to visit my store for awesome Choice Boards with basic and challenging fractions work for students!

Groundhog Day Tens & Ones Place Value Count & Move Activity Pack

Your students will love these Groundhog themed Count & Move activities that help develop number sense & place value skills, and get them moving. Perfect for seasonal fun! This resource focuses on numbers 1-99 represented in base ten blocks, and features two complete card sets; “Count the Tens & Ones”, and “What Number is This?” Each set can be used in three different ways; Around the Room, SCOOT, or as task cards! Directions included. Also includes response sheets for practice and accountability. Great for small group instruction & remediation too!

File includes:

  • 20 -Groundhog themed “Count the Tens & Ones” cards (numbers 1-99)
  • 20 -Groundhog themed “What’s Number is This?” cards (numbers 1-99)
  • 6 -Center signs/directions (one for each way to play)
  • 6 - Response sheets for differentiation/accountability
  • Answer Key

Common Core Aligned:

K.CC.A.1, K.CC.A.3, K.CC.B.4, K.CC.B.5, K.NBT.A.1, 1.NBT.A.1, 1.NBT.B.2

Be sure to check out my other Common Core math resources!

FREEBIE: Kindergarten Common Core Standards Posters {I Can Statement tents}

If you have trouble remembering to refer back to your kindergarten common core "I Can" statements , look no further for help! These FREEBIE ELA "I Can" statement tents are sure to be a great and simple reminder during your day to day tasks. Place them on your desk, place them on students desks, or better yet, use them for review at the end of each week! They come in a bright polka dot theme and in black line version for guy teachers and to save on ink. These are great for test prep! Go ahead, download this huge kindergarten FREEBIE and try them out!!

Simply print your "I Can" statements for the day or week on card stock and fold them into a tent. Place them on student desks, in groups or on your very own desk so that you as well as your students can use them as a reference during small group time, one-on-one instruction and whole class instruction. You can utilize these in any way you'd like. Fold them in half and hang them on your board by daily assignments. The sky is the limit. 

I know adding these to my daily routine has helped me tremendously to remember to utilize the "I Can" statements throughout the day. I also use these to add to my bell-ringer activities. 

This packet includes 100+ PAGES!! including black and white copies!

More grades to come and more subjects to come! These are a work in progress!

Thanks for shopping!!!

Math Center with Number Writing & Base 10 Blocks: for Valentine

Engaging math centers:


*Go-Dots encourage correct top to bottom formations.
*Path tracing enhances motor accuracy.
*Visual models are placed for both right and left-handed children.


*Base Ten frames.
*Drawing space for representing quantities.
*Subitizing skill reinforcement: dice and base ten blocks.


*Rhyming: number names to picture cue.

             6 Themes and one blank base ten frame set:

Valentines day, p. 3-5

Transportation, p. 6-8

Rhymes, p. 9-11

Arbor day, p. 12-14

Farm p. 15-17

Spring, p. 18-20

Empty base ten frame for the student to fill out. P. 21-23


If printed in color these can be laminated for a station dry erase task, or they can be printed in black and white to be used as worksheets. If your children are net yet ready for these Number Writing Practice sheets check out: Numbers Next! bundle.

********************************************** Teacher Testimonials **********************************************************

  • There are seven three page sets with the numbers 0-11, each with a ten frame (filled) next to the number and a box to fill in with the appropriate number of items. The last set has no theme, so you could use it for whatever you want. I love the gray lines for tracing as well as the starting dots. These pages are also super cute! I love it!
  • This is a perfect math writing center!
  • You've put a lot of thought into your products and I'm really looking forward to using them this year. :o)
  • I love it! Great, especially the rhyming set - another cue to help them memorize name and numeral.
  • Great way to incorporate the ten frame while emphasizing printing!
  • I LOVE Print Path products!!!! Perfect for my struggling Resource students. The differentiation, word association, and added visuals took one little Kinder with fine motor and processing difficulties from hating to write to writing with confidence!!! Thank You So Much!!! I encourage you to check out all their products!!


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