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Listen for a Rhyme book and Literacy Station

Research shows that rhyming is an essential tool in helping students learn to read.  With that knowledge in mind, here is a unique emergent reader (color and b/w) all ready to go.  Students will use picture clues and listening ears to help choose the correct rhyme, write it, and then add their own pictures.  A rhyming game to help reinforce these rhymes is also included.  This will work well in a literacy station.  Make it self-checking by adding colored dots to the back.  Some graphics by LD and Scrappin Doodles.  Aligned with Common Core Standards.  Hipppy Ho! 


Bubbles! This pack of Bubble Fun Literacy and Math activities is great to include in a bubble themed week at school, home, or summer school/ camp. 

Pack includes bubble themed :

5 pages bubble themed Addition and subtraction (some activities to 20, others within 10) 

*Bubble observation pages
*compare bubbles pages
*opininion writing template (with graphic organizer(
*narrative prompt
*write and draw pages to go with Make Your Own Bubbles activity
*Write and draw - Make your own bubble wand

{Please check the thumbnails to see if this pack is right for your students. It was created with first graders in mind, but may be useful for K and 2 as well}


The "CopyCats {formerly The Primary Reader}" Shop

I love teaching and I have over twenty years of experience in everything from early childhood to fifth grade and in between! The majority of my career has been in Kindergarten and First Grade!  I am passionate about creating materials for students that inspire a love for learning! In my shop you will find the same materials that I use to plan quality learning experiences for my students. I always am updating and posting new items. Stop in often and see what is new in the store and what is inspiring young students to learn!

Jo Ellyn Hetzer 


There’s a lot to do at this time of the year. Some kids need a little extra practice with skills over the summer months and some us teachers dig right in and teach over the warm summer months. Here are some NO-PREP printableS that will release you from planning so you can go outside and enjoy the sunshine! 

Here is what is included:
4 pick-a-prompt printables
9 summer themed writing prompts with paper
6 stationary /writing paper sets
1 parts of speech printable
1 antonym printable
3 sentence correcting printables
Main idea and detail printables
Hey Little Ant and Grouchy Ladybug writing prompts
Guided writing printable
Ice cream writing organizer / art project

Check out my READING AND MATH summer school packs too!

Build and Learn Number Houses for Numbers 1 - 10

As students create these Build and Learn Number Houses, they color an outline of the number, fill in addition facts with missing addends, fill in a ten frame and complete a number bond. They also do just a little cutting and a little bit of visual work. 

The directions are surprisingly easy . . . 
• Copy the desired number houses on tagboard. 
• First, kids complete the math problems in pencil. 
• Once they are checked, either by an adult or by a partner, kids trace their answers using colorful markers. I find that this really helps reinforce learning. 
• If desired, kids can decorate their houses. 
• Next, they cut on all the dotted lines and put their name on each piece. 
• There is only one solid line on the roof. Kids fold on the solid line. 
• Finally, they use the pieces as a puzzle to build their house. 

These make a fabulous display – and can be decorated as gingerbread houses at the holidays. When it’s time for kids to take their houses home, they simply take the pieces apart and place each piece in their folder. It’s ready to go and they can show their family how they build their house once again at home!

Many thanks for stopping by and taking a look! 

Sincerely, Anne Gardner (NBCT)

Back to School Bundle - Greetings & Class Rules in Spanish-Ice Breaker Prompt

This Back to School bundle will allow you to begin your Spanish class the right way. The first vocabulary set has all the rules and regulations for your class. Your students will recognize about 80% of the cogantes included. It also has a contract where students can copy in Spanish the 13 expressions. Great tool to show them, they can easily write in Spanish and have a full document written using writing prompts. The second set has two pages of greetings and courtesy expressions conveniently writtten so students can copy the writing prompt and create their own dialogue. You can have within two weeks not only written samples from your students but dialogues written in full Spanish and presentations. Awesome way to display your wonderful teaching skills. 

Enjoy!!! It satisfies Communication Standard 1.1,1.2 and 1.3

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Back to School- Spanish Classroom Commands- Play Simon Says in Spanish- Simon Dice

This worksheet set is extremely useful to teach students in Middle Schoola nd High school Classroom Commands. The vocabulary list with 12 commands and a work bank will allow you to teach them 12 basic expressions that they can use easily. In addition the second worksheet will allow them to review Classroom objects. Students can use a dictionary or their word bank to fill both pages. Once the vocabulary has been introduced students will use both pages to write their own commands. They can write individually or in small groups. they can present them to the class. This interactive package will satisfy Communication standards 1.1 where students produce information in the target language and 1.22 where they understand and interpret spoken language. One student can read the commands in Spanish and have the others perform them. it is quiet an entertaining an engaging activity. The vocabulary worksheet can be used for assessments and the command performance can give you a listening comrehension assessment grade. Enjoy these entertaining and engaging package. 

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Graduation and Excellence in Subject & Character Certificates FREEBIE

This print & go freebie includes the following certificates:
Pre-K Graduate
Kindergarten Graduate
1st Grade Graduate
2nd Grade Graduate
Excellence in Reading
Excellence in Writing
Excellence in Math
Excellence in Social Studies
Excellence in Science

Thank you, and enjoy!
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Speech Therapy End of the Year Language Bundle

End of the Year Language Bundle: 

This packet has something for everyone of your language students!

-Yes/No Questions
-Following Directions
-Regular Past Tense Verbs
-Irregular Past Tense Verbs
-Compare & Contrast
-Articulation /r/ & /l/
-Vocabulary Go Fish Deck

Don’t forget to check out the preview!

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The "Enchanted in Elementary" Shop

I have been teaching either first or second grade since 2010. I love creating things to use in my classroom or to share with others.