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Sweet Tweet Spring Centers

This Spring themed set of 6 complete math centers covers addition, skip counting by twos, doubles addition, fact families, and comparing numbers (greater than, less than, & equal to). Each center includes both a full color and black and white version of the recording sheet. These centers are easy to differentiate and several contain leveled materials. 


Gray & Pink Chevron with Chalkboard Teacher Binder Covers and Spines *EDITABLE*

Looking for change of scenery? Need a quick and easy way to organize your teaching life without spending too much? Well, this pack is for you! Organize your teaching world with this 8 page set of gray and pink chevron and stripes binder covers and spines! Pages will fit into the front of 3-ring binders or can be used as divider pages when placed inside plastic sheet protectors. 

Each page is editable so you can customize your pages in your favorite font! Editable spines are also included. It's easy-simply open in Powerpoint and insert a text box to edit the page. 

This set includes these pages to choose from:

Gray Chevron with pink ribbon
Pink Chevron with gray ribbon
Gray Stripe with pink chevron ribbon
Pink Stripe with gray chevron ribbon

Coordinating Spines for each of the above covers.



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Ocean & Pirate Themed Sticker Charts

Do you use sticker charts? They add up quickly when you purchase them at the store. This file will let you print your own that are just as cute as any from the store and a whole lot cheaper.

This file includes a total of 8 different sticker charts. 4 are designed with an ocean theme and 4 are designed with a pirate theme.  

Monster Number Words Matching

This is a fun & super cute monster themed activity. Your kids will love it. It focuses on number words from 0 to 29. Students match the number words on the monsters to the numbers on the beds to help the monsters find their beds. It is twelve pages and includes a recording sheet so the students can practice writing the number words if you desire.

The "My Broken Bootstraps" Shop

Welcome!  My shop has items focusing on preschool through second grade.  I have worked in public, private, and the homeschool setting so I try to make sure my products work for all!  My joy is to make quality packets that teachers can use over and over again.  I know these are products that you wish you had time to make yourselves.   A lot of my packets have coordinating activities you can get for free at my blog .  I also have freebies every Monday there!

If you follow my store you will see when new items are ready.  They will be on sale for 50% off the first three days, so be sure to check them out.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions.  I would love to make custom items for your classroom as well!


Having an SOS day? Lifesavers are the perfect solution for days when you are too sick to plan for a sub; you have to sub without lessons; are greeted with an emergency or you are out of time. These NO PREP printables are perfect daily lessons that will surely SAVE THE DAY!

This pack is suitable for teachers to provide for substitutes or for substitute teacher to purchase for his/her own use. You could also use this pack to have on hand as a NO PREP supplement to your Ice Cream or Summer units.

Each pack has enough activities for your students to be actively engaged and learning throughout the day.

Included are EDITABLE teacher planning printables, daily schedule, and notes to your sub and student Editable and PNG printable. It’s just so easy to write a quick plan and send an ELECTRONIC COPY everything that is needed for the school day to your sub! No need to get out of bed and leave your home. Just relax, let go of your stress and get well! Here is what you’ll find in the ICE CREAM pack:

Morning Work

Math & Science –

  1. Coin counting
  1. Fractions
  1. Skip Counting 10’s, 5’s, 1’s
  1. Story Problems

1- Survey


Writing –

Writing organizer project

Sequencing how to make a sundae

Reading and Language Arts – 

1- contractions

1 parts of speech

1 –ice word family


3- ice melting printable

Character Education

1 - Sharing

Thank you! Please take a look at my other Lifesaver lesson plans for subs and you! Newest themes include POPCORN, VALENTINES, GINGERBREAD, SPRING FLING, SNOW, FAIRY TALES, AND POLAR PALS and MITTENS and HATS and BUNDLES too!

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Runs from 3/1 to 3/31
We are celebrating the arrival of spring with our 10% off EVERYTHING sale! Happy spring!

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Ocean animals

Ocean animals:
Ocean animals research companion pack includes helpful materials to use when researching and learning about ocean animals.
Use these materials with any informational book, video, or presentation about ocean animals. 
These materials are great to use with a basic study of ocean animals as a whole class, to use for partner research, or even as a center.

These materials also go great with ocean animal adaptations lessons for science!

Includes one real life photo, 1/4 sheet clipart vocab card, 1 Can,Have, Are organizer, 1 Web, 2 line sizes"All About..." writing paper per animal:

*humpback whale
*orca whale
*sea star
*scuba divers

Also includes:
*venn diagram- compare ocean animals
*venn diagram- fiction vs. informational
*ABC order
*2 animal match- match the name to the picture
*2 animal unscramble & match
*ocean habitat animal pictures and writing pages
*3 scrambled sentences
* 1 page sea star 3 in a row sight word partner game

Please check the preview to see if this product is just right for your students!

4th Grade Differentiated Task Cards - Problem Solving with Elapsed Time

4th Grade Differentiated Task Cards - Problem Solving with Elapsed Time - Aligned to STAAR and CCSS

Level 1 – Blue – I can solve the problems in one step. I can use the clock on the task card to help me solve the problem. I may use another strategy. 16 task cards.

Level 2 – Red – I can solve the problems in more than one step. Sometimes there is unnecessary information or hidden questions. I might need to convert to minutes to hours or hours into minutes to solve a problem. 16 task cards.

Use these task cards for:
Math Centers
Guided Math groups
Test Prep Review

page 2 - STAAR and CCSS Alignment
page 3 - I can statements for each set of task cards
page 4 - Using a Table Strategy Example
page 5 - Using a Number Line Strategy Example
page 6 - 9 - Blue Task Cards - one step with clock face on card
page 10 - 12 - Answer sheets and answer key for Blue Task Cards
page 13 - 16 - Red Task Cards - multiple step problems
page 17 - 19 - Answer sheets and answer key for Red Task Cards
page 20 - Terms of Use

4.8 C – solve problems that deal with intervals of time using addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division as appropriate

4.1 B - use a problem-solving model that incorporates analyzing given information, formulating a plan or strategy, determining a solution, justifying the solution, and evaluating the problem-solving process and the reasonableness of the solution

4.MD.A2 – use the four operations to solve word problems involving intervals of time
4.OA.A.3 – solve multi-step word problems

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Nate the Great and the Sticky Case Comprehension Questions

I have created this vocabulary and comprehension guide that you can easily hand to your students to complete independently or in a small group. 

This packet is suitable for grades 1-3. If you have a mature group they may even be able to complete the packet on their own.

Included in this packet:
~1 or 2 vocabulary words for students to practice looking words up in the dictionary.
~Space to indicate the part of speech for each vocabulary word.
~Each vocabulary word has room for a short definition and sentence.
~Pages are split up into short sections (about 5 pages).
~1 or 2 comprehension questions for each section.
~Answer key

This is a great packet to help young readers learn to look back in the book for details.

I have successfully completed this packet with students in a small group in third grade. 

This packet looks great printed in black and white, or you can print it in color to add a little bit more excitement for your students.

Please leave feedback so that I can continue to make great products!

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