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Read and Work - Turkeys Passages, Worksheets and Posters

This Read and Work set contains different sets of worksheets including basic reading passages with facts about turkeys as well as posters :


• What are turkeys?

• Turkyes Eating Habits

• Gobble! Gobble!

• The Turkey’s Body (part 1)

• The Turkey’s Body (part 2)

• Turkey’s Life cycle ( 4 sheets of reading passages describing the 4 stages of the turkey’s life cycle: 

Stage 1 – Eggs and Nesting stage 2- Hatching and Chicks

Stage 3 – Young Turkey or Poults stage 4 - Adults

• Turkeys and Thanksgiving


• Write the turkey body parts

• Turkey life cycle – write the four basic stages according to pictures

• Flip flap minibook – a chance for the kids to display on their notebooks.

• Explain the turkey life cycle.

• Complete a chart with facts about turkeys – (are-have-can-other facts).

• Venn diagram – Compare and contrast a turkey and a chicken.

• Bubble Map: write adjectives to describe turkeys.

• KWL Chart: complete the chart.


Questions sheets for all the reading passages (10 sheets) + 1 blank sheet for the teacher to make questions that he/she chooses for the students (not editable – just to write in pen or pencils)


• Posters: you will find a set of 10 posters related to the 10 non-fiction passages included in this set.

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Reading Strategies & Skills Graphic Organizer Bundle

Reading Strategies and Skills Graphic Organizer Bundle helps your students as you teach Common Core Standards. This literacy bundle is great for organizing content and ideas which facilitate learners’ comprehension of newly acquired information.

It can be used with any book. 

This ELA tool can be used for differentiated instruction, during whole group instruction, during collaboration, as a center, or in any facet that will aid student improvement of reading comprehension skills. 

It can be used formally or informally to assess student understanding and to document their progress in determining meanings of new words and overall reading.

Bundle includes the following graphic organizers:
- Vocabulary Word
- Climax
- Character Traits Web
- Compare and Contrast Setting
- Compare and Contrast Setting
- Critical Thinking Skills
- Figurative Language (2 different kinds)

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Alphabet Puzzle Mania Pack 1

This set contains a set of uppercase letter puzzles as well as lowercase letter puzzles! There are 52 in all! These puzzles would be great for a phonics center, an early finisher game or as wake-up work! Print, laminate, cut each letter puzzle apart and place into plastic zipper bags to use. I like to include at least 2 different letters in each bag—so as to provide a bit of a challenge for the children. 

These puzzles are a great way to give your students practice with letter sounds while giving them opportunities to build their fine motor and spatial skills as well!

As always, if you need something customized to better fit the needs of your classroom setting, feel free to email me at:

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The "Lovin' Kinder" Shop

I began teaching back in 2002 and since then, I have taught 3K, 4K and Kindergarten.  I have loved each age group that I have taught, but I have found that Kindergarten is where my heart lies!  The love of knowledge that kindergarten children posess is awe-inspiring!  They want to KNOW all about their world, and so I endeavor to make their journey a little more creative and fun at the same time!  

Thank you for taking the time to look at my shop!  Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns as I want you to be excited about the products that you purchase!  Let's work together to make certain that our Littles get our very best!

Thank you again!

~Lovin' Kinder

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Thanksgiving Math Scavenger Hunt

Thanksgiving Math Fun to Celebrate Thanksgiving with this Math Scavenger Hunt Activity. This Thanksgiving themed Math Scavenger Hunt can be played either inside or out. 

Thanksgiving Math Scavenger Hunt Includes:
Instructions for the Teacher about how to play the Thanksgiving Math scavenger hunt
Instructions for the Student on how to play the Thanksgiving Math scavenger hunt
3 sets of 10 clues using 2nd grade math standards with Thanksgiving themed clues.
3 sets of 10 clues using 3rd grade math standard with Thanksgiving themed clues.
3 sets of 10 clues using 4th grade math standards with Thanksgiving themed clues
These Thanksgiving clues are in color for the outside of the envelope or card and black and white for the clue card for the students.
An answer sheet for students to show their work has been included.
An answer key for the teacher that includes all 90 Thanksgiving scavenger hunt clues, answers, and common core standards has been included

The Common Core Standards included are:
2.OA.1 , 2.OA.4, 2.NBT.2, 2.NBT.4, 2.NBT.7, 3.OA.1, 3.OA.3, 3.OA.8, 3.OA.9, 3.NBT.2, 3.NBT.3, 4.OA.3, 4.NBT.2, 4.NBT.3, 4.NBT.4, and 4.NBT.5


Teach your students all about the history of Thanksgiving with this fun 32 Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt fact cards. Your students will be in awe as they learn all about the First Thanksgiving celebrated by the Plymouth Pilgrims as well as many other interesting facts about turkeys and the Thanksgiving feast.

✓ 32 Fact Cards on Thanksgiving
✓ 4 Recording Sheets
✓ 4 page Answer Key

→ Place the 32 fact cards on Thanksgiving around the classroom. Students can work individually, in pairs, or in small groups to find the answers to all 32 questions on their response sheets. They must read the fact card to find the answer for each corresponding fact question on their recording sheets. 

After all students have completed the Scavenger Hunt, get students together and ask them to share the facts they found the most interesting. 

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Thanksgiving | Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt | Thanksgiving History | History of Thanksgiving | Thanksgiving Interesting Facts |

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Thanksgiving Project in Spanish- Mi Familia-Dia de Accion de Gracias

This wonderful project will have students learning lots of vocabulary while focusing on family vocabulary, personal traits, personality traits and likes/dislikes. 

The project was designed in mind of teaching around the Thanksgiving Holiday. Students visit family members and they have will have fun completing the candle project. They will color and fill out the information about their family. Great opportunity to have a listening comprehension exercise where they share their five favorite family activities. The project can take up to two-three lessons to be completed It makes students long life learners as they learn to describe their physical traits, personality and likes and dislikes.

You will review personal pronouns, adjectives an actions verbs while your students create a portfolio piece they can keep and share about their families in Spanish. 

• A comprehensive list of 13 family vocabulary items
• A comprehensive list 26 physical description adjective including eyes, nose , hair , mouth and height
• A comprehensive list of 23 adjectives describing personality 
• A list of 20 likes/dislike activities 
• The Candle Project- Students will pick a candle for each family member they want to describe. They need to choose a candle for themselves.
o Students will describe Two physical, ONE personality & 2 Likes or dislikes for each member in each candle – Min of 5 family members-including them
• A Thanksgiving writing prompt- FIVE FAVORITE FAMILY ACTIVITIES


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Feliz Dia de Accion de Gracias!!!


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