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Treat your little sweethearts to some holiday treats!  This unit on Gingerbread and holiday cookies includes:

Song, plans and directions for costumes that will help you create an AWESOME HOLIDAY PROGRAM or concert that will knock the socks off Moms, Dads and the Grandfolks!

Word building activities for long and short a, long and short e, ar, oo

Word sort for words that end in sh, ch, nch, tch

Label the picture Gingerbread house picture

Gingerbread recipe, sequencing and writing activities

Two word banks for developing and advanced students

Gingerbread recipe booklet for students to create

Gingerbread graphing

Story Element Gingerbread House

Gumdrop graphing by color

Candy Cane measurement

Gingerbread weighing activity

Gingerbread verbs and ABC order

Hiding Gingerbread Boy activity with position words

Compound word center

Trim the Tree addition game

Pocket Chart math center activity

Peppermint sight word Bingo

Gingerbread Science experiment


December Kindergarten Calendar For Promethean Board

December Calendar has 53 pages of fun activities including a calendar, weather graph, counting the number of days in school, color words, counting, beginning sounds, numbers 1-20, Holiday Tic Tac Toe,count down to Christmas page, music and movement song, links to a website where children can see if they are on Santa's naughty or nice list, and much more!

*Must have ActivBoard software to use.*

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The "KellyYoung" Shop
About this shop

Young & Lively Kindergarten is a store specializing in learning materials for kindergarten and first grade teachers. Although my specialty is flipcharts for ActivBoards, I also offer a variety of printable learning center games and lessons. If you don't see what you want/need email me at

*Please note that all purchases are intended for single classroom use.


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Gingerbread Activities Unit

This gingerbread unit has a variety of math and literacy activities to go with your gingerbread theme. Some activities go with specific books, I gave two options for each of the character specific activities that go with “The Gingerbread Man” by Jim Aylesworth and “The Gingerbread Man” by Louise Martin/Parragon Books.

The Unit Includes:

-Class graph and chart ideas

-How to make a gingerbread house/Ideas

-Websites to online gingerbread activities

-Gingerbread book list

-Gingerbread book Comparison Chart

-Gingerbread playdough recipe

-Gingerbread Man Hunt Activity

-Story bracelet activity

-Story Sequencing

-Story Map

-Identifying Characters Activity

-Story Character Cutouts Craft

-Word cards for writing center or memory match game

-Character pictures for sequencing/retell

-Label the gingerbread man activity and poster

-Measuring with gingerbread men activities

-2 Class book options/Writing prompts

-Patterning activity

-Little Reader-Gingerbread Colors

-Little Reader-How to Eat a Gingerbread Man---craftivity!

-Gingerbread Girl/Boy hat craft

-Pocket Chart activity sentence match

-Gingerbread man/color word match

-Gingerbread Puzzle Games: upper/lowercase match and Beginning Sounds Match

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Christmas - Print and Go Sheets, Posters and Flashcards (+200 pages)

This is a set of printables, flashcards and postcards related to Christmas theme. You will find ELA/Literacy and Math activities to use in your classroom with kids from Kinder to 2nd grade.

You can use these worksheets, posters and flashcards to introduce or practice Christmas, Nativity and toys vocabulary including the alphabet and spelling as the main topics. You can also find graphic organizers.

You can also find Math’s sheets to practice numbers from 1-100.

This set contains:

3 bubble maps to write words related to Santa, elves and reindeers.

1 Venn Diagram to compare and contrast Christmas with any other festivity

1 flow map: how do presents travel from Santa’s house to your home?

1 KWL chart to complete about Christmas

3 fact sheets to complete with (is-has-can- other facts) related to Santa, the elf and the reindeer

3 writing sheets to write: a letter to Santa; how do you celebrate Christmas with your family? And my ideal present.

6 postcards with lovely Christmas pictures to write for Christmas
1 reading sheet (what is Christmas?)

4 sheets related to toys: QR codes, matching, circle the correct option, look at a picture and answer questions

26 sheets to practice tracing and color pictures with all the letters of the English alphabet

39 word work printables (students have to do 4 basic activities: trace, color, write the word and write a sentence using the word). 

1 tracing complete alphabet sheet in lowercase

1 tracing complete alphabet sheet in uppercase

1 sheet to complete the middle letter

1 sheet to color all the vowels

3 sheets to complete wordboxes with words related to Christmas items

29 sheets of tracing numbers 1-20 and 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 and 100 (students have to trace numbers in symbols and in words. They can also color the pictures with the corresponding numbers)

1 sheet to complete 100 chart

1 sheet to resolve and write (addition)

1 sheet to resolve and write (subtraction)

1 sheet to complete the missing number

1 sheet to complete with the bigger or smaller symbols

You will also find:

59 flashcards and 59 posters related to Christmas, Nativity and toys items, influenced people and phrases.

List of words:

Merry Christmas, angel, bauble, bells, bow, candle, candy cane, carols, chimney, tree, elf boy, elf girl, fireplace, gift, gingerbread, holly, hot chocolate, Joy, lights, mistletoe, Mrs. Claus, Peace, poinsettia, reindeer, sack, Santa, sleigh, snowman, star, stocking, camel, donkey, baby Jesus, Joseph, 3 Kings, Mary, sheep, shepherd, stable, penguin, polar bear, mitten, ball, car, doll, drum, duck, potato head, rings, roller skates, skateboard, spinning top, teddy bear, toy factory, toy soldier, train, trumpet, toys and workshop.

You will also find one blank flashcard and poster to complete with other words.

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Decomposing Fractions 4.NF3b

Supplemental worksheets to help your students master the 4th grade CC standard NF3b. (number bond strategy used)

Pack Includes:
- Intro Poster on Decomposing Fractions 
- Classwork & Homework
- Review Classwork & Homework
- Pop Quiz

- answer keys included

Gingerbread Math - 24 Task Cards B/W

Gingerbread Math Word Problems Black and White

CCSS   3.MD.A.1, 3.NBT.A.1, 3.NBT.A.2, 3.OA.D.8

This is a set of 24 task cards covering the skills of reading and solve math word problems. All of the task cards reference the gingerbread man, gingerbread girl, or gingerbread houses.  These are fun task cards to do in the weeks leading up to Christmas break.  These cards are perfect for math stations, independent practice, and small group work. Answer key is included.

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