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A handout that explains the three kinds of irony - Situational Irony, Verbal Irony, Dramatic Irony - with an example each. It also includes irony images and rubrics. 

Teachers can use this cheat sheet as a ready reference material to remind the learners about the types and the usage of irony in writing.

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This resource helps learners to comprehend the textual information in order to understand and answer - direct, open-ended, close-ended, challenging, and critical thinking - questions.

Teachers can use this cheat sheet as a ready reference material to help learners to improve their comprehension skills.

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A handout that explains the pointers with details required to make a character sketch. 

This resource also includes:
1. Adjectives to describe a person
2. List of Adjective Types
3. Character Description Template 
4. Identifying Character Traits Template

Teachers can use this cheat sheet as a ready reference material to remind the learners about the criteria followed for character description, thereby support them to enhance their writing skills.

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Summer Calendar of Activities to Keep Skill Sharp Over Break for First Grade

Summer Calendar Activities for First Grade: A Calendar of ideas 
to do each day during summer break starting June 1 through August 31 Aligned with Common Core

Send this home with your first graders and keep their skills sharp all summer long!
We all know how we wish our students would work during the summer to keep all the skills and strategies that they learned all year long sharp. You always have some students who never stop working over the summer and others who never work at all over the summer. I created this packet for my students to use over the summer, the many years ago, so they can keep skills sharp and move right on into second grade without missing a beat. Then I would have the children visit me during the first couple weeks of school and show me the work they completed. I then gave them the Summer Award included in this packet and a special “second grade” school supply. I usually got the a pencil that said,” Second Graders are Great” or something like that!! My school also gave summer assignments, but I still sent this home because it was a super way to support our summer program and gave more specific ideas of activities to complete. I staple the calendar into one packet and then the journal with the response pages into another packet and send these home for summer work.

So here’s what is included in this 115 page packet:

3 months worth of academic activities and ideas to use for everyday during the months of June, July and August with a cute black and white cover. Some are quick and other a little more involved. I usually just sent home July and August since that fit best with our summer vacation.

A Summer Journal cover which can have the following pages:
Writing frames , which include letter writing, making lists, opinion writing, How to writing, narrative writing, poetry and writing facts about a topic plus some blank pages to write about the day.

Reading Response sheets which include retelling, BME, summarizing, evaluating characters, determining important ideas, visualizing, cause and effect, questioning and making connections.

A reading journal to keep track of books read over the summer numbered to 50 with cover if you would like to keep it separate.

Word Work pages which include working with syllabication, long vowel pairs, beginning and ending blends, compound words, singular, plural and glued ending sounds that go along with the calendar activity work.

Simple quick math activities involving time, money place value, adding 10 and more plus some additional pages which include addition, place value and sequencing numbers.

A black and white award as well as a color copy to choose from if you decide to give an award for their summer accomplishments.

Please make sure when running these pages off that you have checked off the box that shows fit to paper size when printing you’re original copy so everything is proportioned. Also I have taken out a few repeat pages, but you may want them to use in the summer packet. So arrange the pages the way you would like for your students. The pages are not numbered for this reason. Some may seem like they are repeats, but if you LOOK closely, you will notice they are NOT!!
Thank you for purchasing, downloading, browsing, following and inspiring! I hope this brings a bit of sunshine your way! I appreciate customer feedback and comments. If you find anything in this packet that needs to be reworked or might work better for your students, please let me know and I will be happy to rework any activity/packet that you have purchased to fit your needs. 


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Guided Notes of Types of Maps Giveaway

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1. Prose Text: Two Geniuses
2. Detailed Lesson Plans on:
• Story Analysis
• Character Description
• Comprehension Check
• Figurative Language - Irony
* Lesson Assessment

3. Rubrics on:
• Poem Analysis
• Characterization
• Comprehension 
• Irony
* Assessment 

4. Support Material:
• Story Components
• Story Analysis Guide
• Character Description Guide
• Character Description Adjectives
• Sample Character Text
• Character Sketch Template
• Comprehension Guide
• Irony Handout

5. Worksheets:
• Identifying Character Traits
• Identifying Irony Types
• Question and Answers

6. Presentation:
• Irony

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Father's Day Interactive Bundle

Let’s have some FUN for Father’s Day! This bundle includes 6 ebooks, all related Father’s Day.

You will receive these ebooks:
• Father’s Day Interactive Foldable Booklets
• Father’s Day Games
• Grandfather’s Wisdom Lapbook/Interactive Notebook
• Father’s Day Word Puzzles
• Father’s Day Preschool Interactive Activities
• Father’s Day Card (Make Your Own)

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Backwards Life Planning Computer-Based Research Project

This backwards life planning research is great for students of all ages. I have found it most useful as an end of the year project for students to apply what they have learned. Students will have to begin with the end goal in mind and think about their goals and what they will have to do to get there. Students will research the job they want, the college they want to go to and the costs associated with them. Students will research costs such as utilities, automobile prices, college tuition, and then will figure out how much money they will make from their dream job. Students will apply math concepts such as finding an average, estimating, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. This fun research project allows students to think through their career goals and identify the steps they will have to take to be successful.

Please know that this 3-day activity will require technology in the classroom since it is very research-based. There are ample websites that provide salary estimates, price quotes, etc. which are embedded in the guided worksheets. Best of luck and I hope this helps your students think about where they are going and what they will have to do to get there! :)

Emergent Reader: Fish (sight words: I, see) (ten frames & number words 0-20)

Emergent Reader: Fish

This emergent reader, “Fish” is connected to several CCGPS listed below. This 22 page book is designed so that you can copy the book, cut it in half, staple, and then it is ready for use. The 22 pages include a title page “Fish” then each of the remaining 21 pages contains black and white pictures with a ten frame at the top of each page and a sentence under the picture. 

This emergent reader focuses on these sight words: I, see, and number words (zero-twenty).

Look at the preview to see each page included. 

Here are the sentences for each page:
Page 1: Title: Fish
Page 2: I see zero fish.
Page 3: I see one fish.
Page 4: I see two fish.
Page 5: I see three fish.
Page 6: I see four fish.
Page 7: I see five fish.
Page 8: I see six fish.
Page 9: I see seven fish.
Page 10: I see eight fish.
Page 11: I see nine fish.
Page 12: I see ten fish.
Page 13: I see eleven fish.
Page 14: I see twelve fish.
Page 15: I see thirteen fish.
Page 16: I see fourteen fish.
Page 17: I see fifteen fish.
Page 18: I see sixteen fish.
Page 19: I see seventeen fish.
Page 20: I see eighteen fish.
Page 21: I see nineteen fish.
Page 22: I see twenty fish.

Students can benefit from this reader by tracking print, identifying spaces between words, identifying particular letters of the alphabet, recognizing sounds (beginning, middle, and ending) in each word, and reading sight words and grade level text. For extension activities, students could add another sentence to each page to add details. The black and white pictures allow students the opportunity to color the pictures. This reader is great for guided reading groups, homework, or literacy center activities. It also includes math standards with a ten frame on each page with a matching number of fish.

ELACCKRF1a. Follow words from left to right, top to bottom, and page-by-page.
ELACCKRF1b. Recognize that spoken words are represented in written language by specific sequences of letters.
ELACCKRF1c. Understand that words are separated by spaces in print. 
ELACCKRF3a. Demonstrate basic knowledge of one-to-one letter-sound correspondences by producing the primary or many of more frequent sounds for each consonant. 
ELACCKRF3c. Read common high-frequency words by sight. 
ELACCKRF4. Read emergent-reader texts with purpose and understanding.

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