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Morning Calendar Lessons for the Smartboard

Make your calendar time each morning engaging, interactive, meaningful, and fun by using this Smartboard Calendar Lesson! This 150 slide Smart Notebook file has everything you need to successfully implement calendar time in your classroom using an interactive whiteboard. This file will take you from the first day of school all the way to the last day! It can be reused year after year. Pick and choose from the wide variety of slides to complete each day based on your class schedule, skills you have taught, skills you are about to teach, areas students are struggling with, etc! Many of the pages include links to songs/videos your students will LOVE that also help teach a particular concept. If you are looking for a way to make the most out of your calendar time, then this is the product for you! Not only does this product cover many concepts, it also gives the students daily repetition to review and master those important skills!

For more information about this item, read my blog post about it!

***Please note that this file was created in Smart Notebook software. You must have Smart Notebook Version 16.2 or OLDER for the flash players to work in this file. The flash players run the interactive venn diagrams, dice, etc.

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Giveaway-Halloween Science
Halloween Frankie's Conversion Monster Math

Price $4.00 Reading Mary Shelley's Frankenstein or something just as scary? Frankie's Conversion Monster Math follows this story line with word problems about distances, time, liquid volumes, masses, measurements and quantities using diagrams. Get ready to convert measurements!

Frankie's Monster Math Learning Game Board sold separately.

Frankie's Monster Math can be used as an electrifying class game, in cooperative groups or placed in a math center. Frankie’s Conversion Monster Math can be used as a class game, in cooperative groups or as a math center and includes directions to the teacher, lesson plans, 30 task cards, Frankie’s Monster Math Conversion Facts sheet, an answer key, links to useful websites, and two awards cards. 

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Use the four operations to solve word problems involving distances, 
intervals of time, liquid volumes, masses of objects, and money, 
including problems involving simple fractions or decimals.

Glitter Meets Glue Designs
Mrs. K’s Clip Art Store

Statue of Liberty Puppet

This Statue of Liberty paper bag puppet craft is a great activity to learn more about this national symbol of freedom.

Brainstorm what the Statue of Liberty might say. Then, make your puppet. Especially great for July 4th. 

3 craft options:
- Paper bag puppet
- Popsicle stick puppet
- Finger puppet

This download includes:
- Speech bubble sheets for brainstorming what Lady Liberty might say
- 3 puppet options
- Statue of Liberty fact sheet (two different version for differentiation)
- Teacher directions
- One example of a quote Lady Liberty might say

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A compact review of Relative Clauses organized for quick referencing. A handout that explains the structure, properties, and types of relative clauses with examples. It also includes a rubric for assessment. Teachers can use this cheat sheet as a ready reference material to remind the learners about the formation and usage of relative clauses, thereby helping them to enhance their writing skills.

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A Presentation on 10 bad habits that damage our Brain. 

This Presentation Includes Ill Effects of:
1. Lack of Good Thoughts
2. Rarely Talking
3. Working When Ill
4. Polluted Air
5. Covered Head During Sleep
6. Smoking
7. Overeating
8. Too Much Sugar
9. No Sleep
10. No Breakfast

Teachers can use this presentation to provide health tips to the learners, thereby helping them to lead a healthy life.

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Yes or No Questions - Halloween- Special Education

Yes or No  Questions ( Halloween ) for Special Education includes 18 YES cards and18 NO cards in color;

Black and white version is and answer keys are included;

This clip it cards set is a great addition to a literacy station for struggling learners, speech therapy, special

education, kindergarten and 1st grade;

This set includes the combination of easy and challenging questions.

Instructions :  Students cut out the cards. Read the questions, look at the picture and clip the correct answer. ( yes or no )

Letter of the Week Aa Pre-K Worksheet Pack

Make planning your preschool alphabet theme week easier with our Letter of the Week Aa Pre-K Worksheet Pack. The pack includes the following:

Letter Aa FlashCards

  • - 12 colorful flash cards
  • - Last flashcard contains the text, “Letter Aa FlashCards”
  • - Each card measures about 3-3/16 inches by 4-1/4 inches after cutting
  • - Product is not editable
  • - Flashcard words are: acorn, alien, alligator, anchor, ant, ape, apple, arm, arrow, astronaut, ax

Letter Aa Trace and Color Worksheet

  • - 1 worksheet
  • - Students trace five uppercase “A” and 5 lowercase “a”
  • - Students trace the word “ant” and color the word “ape”
  • - Students color the black and white pictures of an apple, ape, and alien
  • - Product is not editable

Letter Aa Trace the Words Worksheets

  • - 2 worksheets with color pictures
  • - Students read and trace 10 words
  • - Perfect for developing handwriting skills
  • - Product is not editable
  • - Words are: acorn, alien, alligator, anchor, ant, ape, apple, arm, arrow, ax
CVC Word Family Word Work No Prep Printables

Teach your students all about word families with this fun and easy printable collection.

Each word family listed below contains four types of worksheets: ABC Order, Read and Color Comprehension (short, rhyming story with 3 multiple-choice questions), Word Family Cloze Sentences Worksheet (with word bank), and Read and Draw Worksheet. Answer keys included.

Use this word work bundle as morning work, homework, assessment, or as handouts for substitute teachers. Also, it’s perfect for early finishers and ESL students. Grades K-1.

Word Families included in this bundle are:
Short A: -an, -ap, -at,
Short E: -ed, -en, -et
Short I: -ig, -in, -ip, -it
Short O: -op, -ot
Short U: -ug

Why Do So Many People Photograph Table Mountain?

Being able to draw a field sketch is an important geography skill, these three worksheets take the studetns through step-by-step nstructions on how to do with well as well as disusses some of the dos and donts.