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Alphabet Missing Letter Activity

This Alphabet Missing Letter Activity can be used to reinforce visual identification of the alphabet and alphabetical order. Students must replace the missing letters. Great as a whole-class activity or in center/workstations! 

Teacher Directions: Print the student directions, activity sheet, answer key, and missing letter cards on white, heavy cardstock and laminate them for durability and continual use. Cut out the missing letter cards and place them in a labeled plastic baggy or envelope for storage. Attach the student directions with the activity. I have included a blank template of the missing letter cards so that more advanced students can create their own. If you laminate the activity sheets and provide dry erase markers, they can be used repeatedly. This can also be done as an in-class activity if you print multiple copies. 

*Includes over 100 missing letter activity cards! 



-Teacher Directions
-Student Directions
-Activity Sheet
-Alphabet Missing Letter Cards
-Answer Key for the Activity Sheet



"Perfect for first grade!" --D. Thomas

"Great resource!" --Jodi T.

"Wonderful for multi-sensory lessons." --Donna S.


*23 pages total.

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Greater Than Less Than Equal To Printables (Ocean Animals) (Cut and Paste)

Greater Than Less Than Equal To Printables (Ocean Animals) (Cut and Paste)

This 20 page packet requires students to cut and paste the correct symbol (greater than, less than, and equal to) between the two sets of ocean animals. Ten of the pages include the "equal" symbol. All pages contain ocean animal graphics. 

Students may need to write the number for each set before cutting and gluing the correct symbol. If time does not permit for cutting and gluing, students may simply write in the correct symbol for practice. 

At the top of each page, it states: "Alvin the Alligator is hungry! He swam all the way down the river to the ocean. Now he wants something to eat! Help him figure out which ocean animals to eat. He will only eat the group with the greatest amount of animals. 
Cut and paste the symbols at the bottom to solve Alvin’s problem."

An answer key is also provided for easy grading. 

I hope your students enjoy practicing greater than, less than, and equal to. 

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Dr. Clements' Kindergarten


Direction Pictures (Chevron)

Direction Pictures (Chevron)

These direction pictures are great for using throughout the school year, but especially useful at the beginning of the year. These direction pictures provide a reminder of each step of the directions to the students so that the teacher does not have to repeat the directions multiple times. Neighbor students can even point other students in the right direction when uncertain of the next step(s). Numbers 1-8 are also included to show the order of each step if needed. Pictures of other tasks are also included for showing what to do when finished such as read , go to the computer, or work in your journal.

To Use:
Print on cardstock, laminate, cut out, and they are ready to place on your board for easy access for the view of students. You could use magnets to stick to a magnetic board or Velcro would work great also. I hope these direction pictures help make your day more enjoyable. 

All direction cards included are shown in the PREVIEW!

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The 24 direction cards included are:
numbers 1-8

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Dr. Clements' Kindergarten

Fall Language Arts and Math BUNDLE

This Fall Language Arts and Math BUNDLE (224 pages) helps get you ready for your instruction in small groups, guided reading, math and literacy centers, homework, morning work, and so much more! 

You can SAVE 20% off of the individual items listed at the bottom of this page by purchasing this Fall BUNDLE! 

The resources included in this bundle are also available individually at the links at the bottom of the page. Please make sure you have not previously purchased them before purchasing this bundle.

You will find the items shown below in this Fall BUNDLE with the links at the bottom of the page.

Fall Read and Write
Numbers and Sets to 10 Fall
Emergent Reader Acorns
Acorn Addition (sums to 20)
Acorn Subtraction (from 10 and 20)
Numbers 0-20 and Number Words Sequencing - Acorns
Emergent Reader: Leaves
Number Book 0-20 Acorns (ten frames and number words)

You can see a preview for each item included in this bundle at the links below. The previews allow you to see every page you will be receiving in this bundle.

I hope your students enjoy this FUN fall bundle!

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Sherry Clements

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Autumn Tree Hundreds Chart Mystery Picture

Help students practice their numbers, place value, and colors with this fun Autumn Tree Hundreds Chart Mystery Picture. Students use the key to color in the boxes to reveal a hidden picture. Answer key included.

Perfect addition to any back to school or fall unit.

This product includes the following:

- 1 worksheet with numbers 1-100 printed (easier version)

- 1 worksheet blank without numbers for students to fill in and color (advanced version)

- 1 worksheet with answer key (complete, colored puzzle)

In Your Imagination: A Poem To Help You Imagine

Here is a gentle poem that invites the reader and listener to a place of imagination where dreams and plans and possibilities are encouraged. The sweet poem is followed by a simple but important task of drawing a picture of what you can imagine you will be when you grow up. The collection of these drawings created by my students looked so precious up on a bulletin board with the poem situated in the middle. We added photos we found of each student's "dream career."

Helping Hands Make Happy Hearts Sheet Music

Teaching our students the joy of serving our neighbors through service projects and other acts of compassion teaches them, in turn, to be good caring citizens. This precious song encourages reaching out to others and affirms the happiness we feel when we do.It is well suited for students in grades K- 3. 
One Arts Infusion Collaborative seeks to create original music that supports and enhances curricular content, celebrates holidays, and enriches classroom units and themes. 

Growing Bundle of Black History Month Poems

Growing Bundle
9 Poems
9 Pages
Best for Grades 2-5

This set of 9 poems honors 9 African American Heroes:

Harriet Tubman
Martin Luther King Jr.
Ruby Bridges
Benjamin Banneker
George Washington Carver
Rosa Parks
Ella Fitzgerald
Jackie Robinson
Mae Jemison

These poems are well suited for 2nd through 5th grade students. We created a huge bulletin board to celebrate Black History Month and included these poems as well as pictures and biographies the students created. One Arts Infusion Collaborative seeks to create learning materials that draw from the creative and performing arts to support and enhance all curricular content.

Gingerbread Houses Poem and Draw

2 pages
Best for Pre-K through 2nd
Best to give in conjunction with gingerbread house making project

A very, very happy memorable holiday project that has truly become a wonderful tradition for our young students is the making of individual gingerbread houses. It is a messy, creative, beautiful, yummy-looking project that students eagerly wait for! 
This little poem captures a bit of the fun of this project and ends with an opportunity to draw a picture of your own unique and very special gingerbread house.
We placed this little poem in the center of our December bulletin board and surrounded it with our pictures of our gingerbread houses, as well as other pictures we found of other very big, very fancy and ornate gingerbread houses. It was a very festive sight!
One Arts Infusion Collaborative seeks to create original music and poetry that support and enhance curricular content, celebrate holidays, stir imaginations, and help make meaningful and engaging connections to learning.

Gardens, Fishing Stories, Imaginations, and Other Things That Grow Poems

This is a precious collection of four original, very imagination-stirring poems for kids. From planning a garden, to planting a tree, to a day if fishing with grandpa, to dreaming about what you might like to be, these happy poems filled with joyful easy flowing and smile evoking rhymes, will surely help your students exercise their imaginations. Here are the poem titles:

The Heart of a Garden
Love Planted a Tree
Fishing With Grandpa
In My Imagination

Each imaginative poem is accompanied by a worksheet that engages creativity as the students draw from their imaginations. The sweet heartwarming poems are best suited for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders, and will surely bring a smile. One Arts Infusion Collaborative seeks to create learning materials that support academic content while stirring, tickling, and exercising strong, vivid imaginations in all students. Problem solving and divergent thinking have their roots in the garden of imagination.