Getting to Know Your Students Back-to-School Activities
EFL - ESL - ELD, Writing
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The first few days of school are crazy busy. In secondary schools, much of the time is spent dealing with students being added or dropped from your class as students’ schedules are adjusted and class loads are balanced.

The paperwork piles up, and yet you meet a room full of new students every hour or so. What to do?

Getting to Know Your Students is a series of activities that introduced my students to each other and to me and provided a sample of their writing and their oral presentation skills. You can use these activities to make the first few days of your school year informative and productive. 

This is the unit I used in my classroom to get each new semester or school year off to a good start. My students really enjoyed doing these activities

Everything you need is included in this unit. Five pages of instruction for the teacher and a four-page handout packet for the students. When completed, students will have introduced each other to you and to their classmates, and you will have taken three assessment grades.

This lesson is aligned with: CCSS.ELA - Literacy.CCRA.L.1 and CCSS.ELA - Literacy.CCRA.L.2  

I suggest setting three major goals to achieve during the first few days of school:

1) Get organized (Class rosters, seating charts, student information sheets, add and drop forms, book lists, bus routes, etc.)

2) Get to know your students.

3) Set the tone for your class.

How can you accomplish these three goals in just a few days? It is not as hard as you think. Use my activities to introduce students to you and to one another and hone their writing and oral presentation skills at the same time.

This assignment can be easily adjusted to meet any challenges you encounter such as unexpected class meetings, fire drills, and so forth. This is a fun and interesting way to begin a new year of school. I used it every year with my students, and we all enjoyed getting to know each other.

I hope this helps you and your students get off to a great start.

Read my blog for helpful grammar and usage hints.

Charlene Tess


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