Avoiding Redundancies Google Drive Digital Resource
English Language Arts, EFL - ESL - ELD, Grammar, Writing
Activity, Internet Activity, Printable, Worksheet
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Learning to avoid redundancy is a revision technique that will improve students' writing. Examples of redundancy can be found in news articles and on television. This writing error is so common, it is hard to recognize.

For example, I warn you in advance that it it will be difficult to completely eliminate examples of redundancy from your writing unless you become aware and watchful.

Two examples appeared in the previous paragraph. Did you spot them?

warn (in advance) and (completely) eliminate

This lesson explains redundancy and then students have the opportunity to practice. Two exercises are included. The answers are provided.

Charlene Tess uses this exercise when teaching writing revision techniques.

Instead of printing the pages and distributing them to students, you can give them a link to each page and they can view the digital slide in their Google Drive and record their answers on Google Slides. Students can submit their work to you however you wish. (Google Classroom, email, etc.)

Using the Google Drive Resource will save you hours of time and reams of paper. Your students will learn grammar and usage the easy way.

The benefits of Google Drive Resources include:

•          Share lessons and exercises one page at a time.

•          Students can access the materials from anywhere they have access to their Google Drive.

•          Students work directly in the file.

•          Increase student engagement.

•          Go Paperless. No need to use a copy machine.

•          No printing is required; however, if you wish to print, it will look great!

•          No lost assignments.

•          Infuse technology.

•          Readiness for college.

•          Google Drive is completely free for teachers and students.

I hope you find this exercise helpful.

Charlene Tess

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