50 Science Labs - Elementary - Earth Life Physical Science Learning Activities
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FROM THE CREATOR OF 50 STEM LABS & 50 MORE STEM LABS comes this collection of 50 Science Activities for kids. Recommended for grades K to 6. 

Each one has a snappy title, a brief set of instructions, materials list, and space for observations and notes. These are very adjustable for your classroom, home, or homeschool needs. 

They support learning in earth science, life science, and physical science with fun, hands-on activities. These are not just simple demonstrations, but explorations into key science concepts, like:
Rock Cycle, Water Cycle, States of Matter, Weather, Space, Energy, Electricity, Animals, Plants, Classifying, Heredity, Sounds, and many more!

Labs are tagged and sorted into life, earth, and physical science categories so you can search for other similar labs. 

Labs Included Are:

  1. Adapt an Animal (Adaptations, Anatomy, Animals, Habitats)
  2. Adapt a Plant (Adaptations, Anatomy, Plants, Habitats) 
  3. All in the Family (Family, Heredity, Inherited Traits)
  4. Always Changing (Animals, Growing, Life Cycles, Plants)
  5. Backyard Food Chains (Animals, Food Chains, Habitats, Plants)
  6. Calling All Engineers (Engineering, Physics, STEM)
  7. Clay Mountains (Erosion, Landforms, Plate Tectonics, Weathering)
  8. Cold as Ice (Erosion, Glaciers, Landforms)
  9. Color Climbers (Colors, Growing, Plants, Water)
  10. Deep Divers (Buoyancy, Gases, Liquids, Pressure)
  11. Dirty Water Disaster (Dirt, Filtration, Water, Water Cycle)
  12. Eggsplosions (Crashes, Engineering, Energy)
  13. Fighting Friction (Distance, Friction, Kinetic Energy, Movement)
  14. Food Groupies (Food Groups, Health, Nutrition, Plants)
  15. Germination Station (Growth, Plants, Seeds, Weather)
  16. Getting Cloudy in Here (Air Pressure, Clouds, Condensation, Precipitation, Weather)
  17. Give Me Some Space (Density, Liquids, Mixtures, Solubility, Viscosity)
  18. Growing Like Weeds (Growth, Life Cycles, Plants)
  19. Kinetic Boom (Kinetic Energy, Potential Energy)
  20. Leaf Keepers (Classifying, Plants)
  21. Let’s Make Dirt (Decomposition, Recycling, Soil)
  22. Like a Drum (Biology, Health, Heart rate, Organs)
  23. Machines in Action (Effort, Energy, Fulcrum, Lever, Ramp, Machines Work)
  24. Magma Mayhem (Acid, Base, Chemical Reaction, pH, Neutral)
  25. Magnetic Personality (Magnetism, Metals)
  26. Milk Chocolate Meltdown  (Heat, Liquids, Melting Points, Solids, Thermal Energy)
  27. Mission: Conservation (Conservation, Recycling, Reduce, Reuse)
  28. Moon Calendar (Astronomy, Moon, Moon Phases, Night Sky, Telescope) 
  29. Moving at the Speed of Evaporation (Evaporation, Heat, Sun, Water Cycle)
  30. Music to My Ears (5 Senses, Human Body)
  31. Now You Feel It, Now You Don’t (5 Senses, Human Body)
  32. Older Than Dirt (Fossils, Minerals, Rocks, Rock Cycle)
  33. Outer Space Race (Earth, Moon, Planets, Solar System, Space, Sun) 
  34. Rock Makers (Igneous, Metamorphic, Rock Cycle, Sedimentary)
  35. Rock Stockers (Hardness, Minerals, Rocks, Streak)
  36. Rubber Band-Jo (Energy, Sound, Tone, Vibration)
  37. Scale Model Animals (Anatomy, Animals, Habitats)
  38. Scent-Sational (5 Senses, Human Body)
  39. Star Maps (Astronomy, Constellations, Night Sky, Stars)
  40. Super Conductors (Circuits, Conductors, Electricity, Insulators)
  41. Sweet Crystals (Crystals, Minerals, Rocks)
  42. That’s Shocking! (Current, Electricity, Friction, Static Electricity)
  43. These States Matter (Gas, Liquid, Solid, States of Matter)
  44. Swim Test (Buoyancy, Flotation, Sinking)
  45. Tongue Twisters (5 Senses, Human Body)
  46. Washed and Blown Away (Erosion, Soil, Weathering)
  47. Weather Forecasters (Clouds, Precipitation, Temperature, Weather, Wind)
  48. Where Did It Go? (Solubility, Solutions, Solvents)
  49. You Are What You Eat (Food, Health, Nutrition, Vitamins & Minerals)
  50. Zoo Keepers (Animals, Classifying, Habitats)

VOLUME 1 - 50 STEM Labs
VOLUME 2 - 50 More STEM Labs

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