Poetry Unit for Primary Grades {Poetry Journal}
English Language Arts, Poetry, Writing
Lesson Plan, Literacy Center Idea, Unit Plan, Writing Center Idea
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This poetry unit makes writing poetry simple and fun for your students! It is also a teacher friendly unit that has everything you need in one download! No prep needed, simply print and teach!

This unit covers a total of 28 different poems. Each poem has a teacher explanation sheet with a poem example, as well as a writing template for your students to use as they write their own poem!

This unit can be covered in a 1-5 week time frame, depending on how long you want to spend on each type of poem.

The poems your students write can be compiled in a folder and made into their own personal poetry journal. The templates and examples make writing poetry so easy for your students, you can also make this into a poetry writing center!

The following is included in this unit:
-Cover Page and Binder Spine to make your own Poetry Teacher Binder
-Teaching Notes
-Poetry Battle Activity with Bracket and Voting Ballets
-Ranking Poetry Worksheet
-What is Poetry? KWL Chart
-Teaching Posters for: What is Poetry?, What is a Poet’s Purpose?, Poems Can Have.., We Know Poetry…, and Poetry Form
-Figurative Language Posters for: Rhyme, Rhythm, Metaphor, Simile, Hyperbole, Alliteration, Repetition, Personification, Onomatopoeia, and Imagery
-2 Poetry Journal Cover Pages
-About the Poet Page
-Our “Poetree” Poster to display with your student’s poetry in the hallway
-Poets at Work parent letter to send home with their poetry journal

The 28 poems covered in this unit; each with an explanation sheet, poem example, and writing template include:
-2-Worder Poem
-5 Senses Poem
-Acrostic Poem
-Adjective Poem
-Alphabet Alliteration Poem
-Bio Poem
-Cinquain Poem
-Color Poem
-Couplet Poem
-Diamante Poem
-Free Verse Poem
-Haiku Poem
-Holiday Poem
-I Am Poem
-I Like Poem
-I Wish Poem
-If I Were Poem
-If It Weren’t For You Poem
-Important Poem
-I’m So Smart Poem
-ing Poem
-Limerick Poem
-List Poem
-Quatrain Poem
-Shape Poem
-Triplet Poem
-Who, What, When, Where, Why Poem
-Word Picture Poem

To read more about my Poetry Unit click HERE!

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