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** This bundle is now complete as promised - but I will be adding to it in the future.

NEW ADDITION: 2/8/2017

  • Alphabet booklets (A-Z) in single file for easy access


  • Dolch Fluency Readers
  • Dolch Word Wall (Wild About Reading Theme)
  • Sentence Accordion Foldables
  • Letters of the Alphabet Activiites (Lowecase)


 Phonics I : USA
This pack features activities and resources for letter sound relationship, decoding, blending and reading.The print-n-go sheets incorporate American spelling.

* To access PHONICS I with Australian/U.K. spelling, click on the link below:


As the bundle has exceeded the upload limit of 200 mb and is now 271 mb, you will receive an access link to bundles 1 - 4 (LETTERS A-Z) and supplementary resources on purchase. 

You will be able to download any bonus packs added to this bundle from here, in addition to the link to the mega bundle and supplementary files on purchase.

The individual packs in this bundle amount to $94 and comprise of 2,047 pages of resources and activities. Save 50% by purchasing this mega bundle! 

Phonics I is first in a series of three parts (Phonics II, Phonics III) featuring phonemic awareness, decoding and blending activities to develop and build reading skills at the Kindergarten level. This resource adopts the systematic phonics instruction method that is designed to increase accuracy in decoding and word recognition skills, which in turn will lay the foundation for fluency in reading at later stages.

In Phonics I, the 26 letters of the English alphabet will be introduced. Each letter pack will facilitate students to decode, blend, and segment so they will be able to read basic VC, CVC words and sight words. Activities do not simply focus on letter sound identification but rather decoding and blending of CVC words/word families in addition to recognition and reading of sight words. 

More about Phonics I 
→ Students will start by learning the letters ‘ /a/, /s/, /t/, /n/, /i/, /p/’ first, this is because once they know each of these letter sounds, they can be arranged to spell different words (for example: sat, pin, nip, tan, tin, sip, tip etc.). Both uppercase and lowercase letters are introduced so students can see the difference. 

→ The letters /a/, /s/, /t/, /n/, /i/, /p/’ will be introduced first followed by /c/, /k/, /e/,/h/,/r/,/m/,/d/,/g/,/o/,/u/,l/,/f/,/b/, and finally, /j/,/z/,/w/,/v/,/y/,/x/,/q/

→ Phonics I features student friendly font, graphics, and an appeasing layout of print-n-go sheets. Kids adore Superheroes and the Superhero characters will be a motivator to engage in learning. 

→ The activities are interactive and involve lots of practice in reading, writing and cutting and pasting to develop hand-eye motor coordination skills. After completion of each letter, students get to make their own ‘Letter Champ’ crown and bracelet. 

→ Foldable mini-books and flipbooks for each letter and word family provide ample fun practice. 

→ Fluency strips (Accordion style foldables) build reading fluency of word families.

→ Clip-it Cards provide further practice of identifying missing consonants, vowels and letter blends in words.

→ Activities also center around Sight Words and High frequency words for each letter thereby building essential pre-reading skills.

→ Flashcards featuring words for a specific letter and the Sight Words further enhance acquisition of pre-reading and writing skills.

→ Alphabet cards and picture cards help reinforce the identification of letters and sounds.

→ Each letter pack contains review material of the previous letter packs. For example, “Letter S’ pack will review and integrate skills from ‘Letter A’ pack. Activities will also focus on decoding, blending and segmenting as letters are introduced. This way students will engage in constant review and new learning to develop reading skills in the process.

✓ Print-n-go sheets for the letter ‘/a/, /s/, /t/, /n/, /p/, /i/, c/,/k/,/e/, /h/,/r/,/m/,/d/,/g/,/o/,/u/,/l/,/f/,/b/,/j/,/z/,/w/,/v/,/y/,/x/,/q/. Three cover options included if collating sheets into a booklet. Activities include identifying, decoding, tracing, writing, coloring, sorting, drawing and other fun activities with spinners and glitter.

✓ Each consecutive pack reviews previous packs and progresses from letter identification and decoding to reading of sight words and high-frequency words with the letters in focus.

✓ Print-n-go sheets for sight words: (tracing, segmenting, coloring)

✓ Flipbooks for Letter Words

✓ Fluency Reader Accordion Foldables: Dolch Words

✓ Fluency Strips (Accordion style notebook foldable) for word families: -at, -an, -ap, -it, -in, -ip, -et, -en, -am, -im, -ad, -ed, -id, -ag, -eg, -ig,-og,-ot,-op, -ug, -ut, -up, -us, -ub, -um, -un, -u

✓ Clip-it cards for initial consonants in words with -at, -an, -ap, -it, -in, -ip, -et, -en, -am, -im, -ad, -ed, -id, -ag, -eg, -ig,-og,-ot,-op, -ug, -ut, -up, -us, -ub, -um, -un, -u

✓ Word Family Puzzles -at, -an, -ap, -ip, -it, -in, -et, -en, -am, -im, -im, -ad, -ed, -id, -ag, -eg, -ig,-og,-ot,-op, -ug, -ut, -up, -us, -ub, -um, -un, -u

✓ Alphabet Picture Cards

✓ Sight Words Flashcards (Dolch)

✓ Crown (Superhero boy and girl): Example, I’m a Letter A Champ’; (colored and blackline)

✓ Wristbands (Superhero boy and girl) four on a page (colored and blackline)

† This is a growing bundle for Phonics I. To make the teaching of the activities included in this pack effective, be sure to use audio, video and digital resources.

† There is also a link to fairytales and nursery rhymes in selective packs.

Please see preview file so you will have an idea of what you are getting for each letter pack. You can e-mail me at with any queries about this bundle.

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Thanks for stopping by!


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