Ecology Feeding Levels Unit Homework, Food Chain
Science, Basic Principles, Biology, Engineering, Other (Science), Life Science
Activity, Homeschool Curricula, Lesson Plan, Unit Plan
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This is the unit assessment / bundled homework package that chronologically follows the 1000+ slide PowerPoint roadmap for my Ecology Feeding Levels Unit that I offer on Teachers Notebook.  Answer Keys and Unit notes are also provided which are great resources for support professionals and students who require assistance.  Together, these documents and the exciting PowerPoint roadmap are everything you need to begin teaching an exciting and interactive science unit.  Please see the entire unit described below and enjoy these documents.

Teaching Duration = 3+ Weeks
A 1000+ slide PowerPoint slideshow becomes the roadmap for an amazing and interactive science experience.  

Areas of Focus within The Feeding Levels Unit:
What is Ecology, Concepts in Ecology, Concept-There is no such thing as a free
lunch, Energy Comes From the Sun, Food Chains, Trophic Feeding Levels,Producers, Consumers, Decomposers, Aquatic Food Chains, Phytoplankton,Zooplankton, Bioaccumulation, Biomagnification, Animal Dentition and Skull Features,Carnivores, Herbivores, Pyramid of Biomass, Pyramid of Numbers.

Text to the unit PowerPoint is in large print (32 font) and is placed at the top of each slide so it can seen and read from all angles of a classroom.  A shade technique, as well as color coding text helps to increase student focus and allows teacher to control the pace of the lesson.

I also sell all 20 Middle-Level Science Units as a curriculum package.  This includes all 50,000+ slides in Life, Earth, and Physical Science for students in grades 5-10.  Also included are 300+ pages of bundled homework / assessment that chronologically follows each unit, 175 pages of modified assessments, 325 pages of answer keys, 300+ pages of unit notes, 37 PowerPoint review games (4600+ slides), 315 videos, hundreds of pages of handouts, First Day PowerPoint, Guidebook, and Four Year Curriculum Guide and Classroom License.

Below you will links to the 20 units in this curriculum.  The preview links will allow you view the unit notes, learn about curriculum information, see preview PowerPoints, and much more.

Science from Murf Entire Curriculum

Science from Murf Curriculum Tour

•Life Science
•Earth Science
Physical Science

Thank you for your time and interest in this PowerPoint.

Ryan Murphy M.Ed

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