Simple, Compound, and Complex Sentences Cootie Catchers
English Language Arts, EFL - ESL - ELD, ELA Test Prep, Grammar
Activity, Game, Printable, Test Prep
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Simple, Compound, and Complex Sentences. These cootie catchers are a great way for students to have fun while learning about and understanding the three types of sentences: simple, compound, and complex. How to Play and Assembly Instructions are included.

There are 2 cootie catchers of the following types:

1. Students identify simple, compound, and complex sentences
2. Students add or take away phrases to change the sentence type as well as combining or separating sentences. This cootie catcher requires students to be familiar with independent and dependent clauses and conjunctions.


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Reading Strategies: Get all 36 (35% OFF) in the Bundle!
         ♦ Authors Purpose
         ♦ Cause and Effect
         ♦ Character Traits
         ♦ Compare and Contrast with Pictures
         ♦ Compare and Contrast
         ♦ Creative and Critical Thinking
         ♦ Drawing Conclusions
         ♦ Fact or Opinion
         ♦ Figurative Language
         ♦ Fluency
         ♦ Generalizations
         ♦ Genre Identification
         ♦ Genre Types
         ♦ Idioms
         ♦ Inference
         ♦ Literary Devices
         ♦ Main Idea
         ♦ Metaphors
         ♦ Nonfiction Text Features
         ♦ Paraphrasing
         ♦ Parts of a Book
         ♦ Personification
         ♦ Point of View
         ♦ Predictions
         ♦ Reading Comprehension
         ♦ Reading Response Questions
         ♦ Restating the Question
         ♦ Sequencing
         ♦ Setting
         ♦ Similes
         ♦ Story Elements
         ♦ Summarizing
         ♦ Text Structures
         ♦ Text Structures: Informational Text Structures
         ♦ Theme
         ♦ Writing Prompts

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         ♦ Analogies (Grades 3-5)
         ♦ Analogies (Grades 6-8)
         ♦ Analogies (Grade 9)
         ♦ Antonyms
         ♦ Compound Words
         ♦ Context Clues
         ♦ Greek and Latin Roots
         ♦ Homophones
         ♦ Homonyms
         ♦ Multiple Meaning Words
         ♦ Prefixes
         ♦ Root Words
         ♦ Shades of Meaning
         ♦ Spelling
         ♦ Suffixes
         ♦ Synonyms
         ♦ Tone and Mood
         ♦ Transition Words

Grammar: Get all 33 (35% OFF) in the Bundle! 
         ♦ Adjective Identification
         ♦ Adjectives: Comparative and Superlative
         ♦ Adverbs
         ♦ Appositives
         ♦ Apostrophes
         ♦ Capitalization
         ♦ Clauses
         ♦ Commas
         ♦ Conjunctions
         ♦ Contractions
         ♦ Mentor Sentences
         ♦ Nouns: Common, Proper, and Plural
         ♦ Nouns: Collective
         ♦ Nouns: Common and Proper
         ♦ Nouns: Irregular Plural
         ♦ Nouns: Plural Nouns
         ♦ Nouns: Possessive Nouns
         ♦ Parts of Speech
         ♦ Prepositions
         ♦ Prepositional Phrases
         ♦ Pronouns: Identification
         ♦ Pronouns: Possessive
         ♦ Pronoun Antecedent Agreement 
         ♦ Quotation Marks
         ♦ Sentence Types
         ♦ Sentences: Fragments and Run-Ons
         ♦ Sentences: Simple, Compound, and Complex
         ♦ Subject and Predicate: Complete and Compound
         ♦ Verb Identification
         ♦ Verb Tenses
         ♦ Verbs: Helping
         ♦ Verbs: Irregular
         ♦ Verbs: Subject Verb Agreement

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