Interactive 3rd Grade Math Dictionary - Common Core
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Understanding vocabulary in math is often difficult for students. This product allows students to have their own personal dictionary.
This dictionary contains 89 common core math vocabulary words for 3rd graders. The dictionary contains the vocabulary term, an example of the term used in math, and an interactive portion for the student. This product encourages students to apply the math terms they use and interact by working cooperatively with partners and small groups. This product can easily be projected from your computer to your white board too.  If you are printing this off for students to have in a math journal I would suggest selecting the option to print 2 pages on one. 

Terms included in the packet are:
Acute angle, addends, angle, area, array, associative property of addition, associative property of multiplication
Bar graph
Capacity, commutative order of addition, commutative order property of multiplication, compare, compatible numbers, cup
Data, denominator, diagonal, difference, digits, distributive property, dividend, division, divisor
Eighths, elapsed time, equation, equivalent fractions, estimate, expanded form
Fact family, factors, fifths, fourths, fraction
Identify property of addition, identity property of multiplication, intersecting line
Line, line segment, line plot, liter, mass, mile, milliliter, mixed number, multiples, multiplication
Obtuse angle, order, ounce
Parallel line, partial products, perimeter, period, perpendicular, pictograph, pint, point, polygon, pound, product
Quadrilateral, quart, quotient
Ray, right angle, round
Scale, side, simplest form, sixths, square unit, standard form
Tenths, thirds, time, ton, triangle, twelfths, two-dimensional shapes
Unit fraction
Vertex of an angle
Weight, word form
Zero property of multiplication




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