Daily Language Review - 5-Minute - 2nd Grade
English Language Arts, Common Core, ELA Test Prep, Grammar, Writing, Skills - Strategies
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Spiraled and comprehensive, for the entire year. A great spiraled Language Arts Review / Bell Work / Warm Up Work / Homework / Test Prep resource. This 5-Minute Daily Language Review covers every 2nd grade Language Arts Common Core [and TEKS for Texas teachers] objective, plus some 1st grade objectives that often need to be reviewed - Every Quarter! The rigor increases every quarter.

-36 Weeks, 5 Days Per Week 
-Full-Sized 11” x 8-1/2” practice sheet for each day of the week
-Friday Quiz that includes questions covered during the week
-Use for Warm-Up, Bell Work, or Homework
-Easily avoid loss of skills due to lack of practice 


Here is what teachers are saying about the series:

"Absolutely wonderful and useful!!! It is by far the best bundle I've found on this TPT!! Thanks a Million!!"

"This is one product I will use repeatedly! Definitely worth it...."

"This is my absolute, favorite product I've EVER purchased. This is a wonderful, comprehensive work packet. My students love it and so do I."

"Your work and resources are always fantastic and the best quality on TPT!!!"

"Wow! I am so thankful you created this. It includes so many concepts that usually take four or five resources to teach. I can't imagine how much work this was to put together. Thank you for such an awesome product."

"I've been teaching for a couple of decades and have always used some type of Daily Language. This one is clearly head and shoulders above the rest. It is quite complete, has a logical-kid friendly layout, and weekly tests to boot. It covers all the standards and is WAY underpriced. Just a fantastic product. I appreciate all your hard work. It must have taken forever to put this together in such a thoughtful manner. My class will reap the benefits next school year!"


The Series of 5-Minute Daily Language Reviews

2nd Grade Daily Language Review

3rd Grade Daily Language Review

4th Grade Daily Language Review

5th Grade Daily Language Review

Soon:  6th Grade Daily Language Review


As Warm-Up Work
One way to use this comprehensive resource is to use one sheet each day for warm-up or bell work. This should take about five minutes. Review the completed questions with your students. This may take another 5-10 minutes – time well spent, as you are spiraling through each objective many times throughout the year. On Thursday, students take their completed sheets home and study for the quiz on Friday. This is a great way to communicate to parents what is being studied at school! And parents will love you for the study guide! 

Friday Quiz
Each question on the quiz is a repeat of a question from during the week. If students study or remember the questions from the week, they can earn 100% on every Friday quiz! Friday’s quiz can be a weekly Language Arts grade. 

Another way to use this resource is for homework. Each week has a cover sheet, so you can easily copy the whole week’s packet at one time. I send a homework packet home on Monday, and it’s due on Friday. You can still give the quiz on Friday as a homework or quiz grade.

Answer Keys
The answer keys are conveniently located at the back of the resource and clearly labeled by objective. Thus, you can easily skim through the answer key to find a particular objective you need to review. The possibilities are endless when you have such a comprehensive review as this resource.

Objectives Covered:

Every 2nd grade objective is covered several times throughout the year.

This resource contains 180 pages of student practice sheets, a cover sheet for each week (36 cover sheets), and 36 answer sheets, for a total of over 250 sheets in this comprehensive review packet.

The license you are purchasing is to use this resource only in the classroom of the teacher who purchases it. Please purchase multiple licenses for a *discounted* price if this is for more than one teacher. Thank you for your honesty and for respecting my work.


I sincerely hope you will take a look at the quality of this product by downloading the free preview of this 5-Minute Language Arts Review / Bell Work / Warm Up Work / Homework package. I hope you will be as pleased with it as I am. 

Many blessings,

Rose Kasper
Rosie’s Resources

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