Causes of the Revolutionary War Unit: 14 Highly-Engaging Lessons!
English Language Arts, Social Studies - History, Common Core, Common Core, Geography, U.S. History, World History
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This is a unit on the Causes of the American Revolution.  The goal of this unit is to give students a real, authentic experience of life during in the colonies during the buildup to the Revolutionary War. 


Included in this unit are 12 highly-engaging, student-centered activities and lessons guaranteed to make this a memorable time in the classroom.  Please read below to see exactly what is included:


1.)  The French and Indian War: Student Scenarios, Causes, and Effects:  Students take the role of a personality in the Ohio River Valley and are forced to understand how this disputed area directly affects them.  Groups work together to understand the causes of war and the major effects from them.


2.)  The Stamp Act - An Introduction:  Included is a 10-minute activity that is guaranteed to enrage your students.  Just modify the file to fit your school and read to your students.  You can then lead right into the Stamp Act!



3.)  Recognizing Bias in the Boston Massacre:  A Primary Source Analysis!   Students will examine a variety of primary source documents to recognize bias in the Boston Massacre and answer the question "What really happened the night of March 5, 1770?"




4.)  Primary Sources in the American Revolution: Students will read selections from the Stamp Act, the Stamp Act Congress, responses from local businesses in regard to the Stamp Act, and the Declaratory Act. For each assignment, students will be asked a variety of questions that force them to closely examine these documents!



5.)  Patriot, Loyalist, or Neutral: YOU Decide!


This activity is best used after students have already been introduced to Patriots, Loyalists, and Neutrals in the buildup to the Revolutionary War. Here, students are presented with 7 different scenarios of people living in the American Colonies - and it is their job to uncover what position they would take, either a Patriot, a Loyalist, or if they would remain Neutral.



6.)  The Sons of Liberty Guided Story:  What route will YOU choose?

      Students read a "choose your own adventure" story where they decide whether or not they will join the patriot rebel group the Sons of LIberty.  Included are questions to track student understanding and a short essay to culminiate the activity!



7.)  Independence is “Common Sense”: An analysis of the text of “Common Sense."   Here, students read excerpts from the influential Thomas Paine classic, "Common Sense", and put the words into their own words!  A mini-project is also included for Common Sense!



8.)  "Give me Liberty or Give me Death!”: An analysis of Patrick Henry’s Speech (Text, Audio, and Student Questions).  Students will listen to the tail end of this famous speech, follow along with the text, and explore several questions based on Henry's words.  A great 10-15 minute activity to further delve the students in the tension facing the colonists!



9.)  The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere: A Picture Analysis, Engaging Presi Presentation, AND an activity that compares Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s poem to the reality of what happened! 



10.)  The Declaration of Independence Scavenger Hunt!  Students explore the Declaration to find key pieces of information!



11.)  The Declaration of Independence: “In Your Own Words” 


Here, students read excerpts from the Declaration of Independence, rephrase then in their own words, and create an image to represent the meaning!  Or, have students act them out!


12.)  The Americans vs. The British: Comparing the Strengths against the Weaknesses.   Students compare and contrast American and British Strengths and Weaknesses and complete a graphic organizer to track their understanding.  Can be completed individually, in pairs, or groups of 3 or 4!


13.)  The Struggle for Independence:  Timelining The Revolutionary Period

In this highly interactive and engaging lesson, students are introduced to the major events in the revolutionary period of Colonial America from 1754 to 1783.

In this lesson, students complete a very engaging timeline while they are guided through a very interactive, step-by-step PowerPoint presentation! The presentation highlights 37 major events that led to revolution! 

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Causes of the Revolutionary War Unit: 14 Highly-Engaging Lessons!
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