Test Taking Strategies- Common Core Aligned for Reading & Writing Grades 3-5
English Language Arts, ELA Test Prep, Reading Strategies
Graphic Organizer, Handout, Minilesson, Test Prep
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This strategy packet is designed to help your students prepare for standardized testing. I’ve used the following strategies with regular education and special education students with great success. Students found the strategies to be useful and clear. I found that these strategies helped them to gain confidence while testing because questions were more predictable and expected. Strategies are proven to be beneficial because they allow students to have a plan of action when they are presented with a difficult or multi-step task.

Common Core State Standards:
ELA-Literacy.W.-.1 (write opinions on topics/text with a point of view and 
supporting reasons)
ELA-Literacy.W.-.2 (write explanatory texts)
ELA-Literacy.W.-.3 (write narratives)
ELA-Literacy.W.-.10 (write over extended time frames & for specific 

ELA-Literacy.RL.-.1 (ask & answer questions and refer to text explicitly)
ELA-Literacy.RL.-.10 (read & comprehend complex text independently)

*These standards increase in intensity and continue through grades 3-5.

Learning Objectives:
SWBAT write clearly for various purposes and for specific tasks
SWBAT write over extended periods of time
SWBAT read & comprehend complex text independently and proficiently
SWBAT ask & answer questions by referring to the text explicitly

All of these images are original and were created by Anchor Me Designs.

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