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This bundle includes 82+ Algebra interactive notebook pages along with detailed instructions for each page. 

Pages included are:

Introduction to Algebra Folder:                                                                                                       ♦The Real Number System
♦ Properties of Real Numbers                                                                                                         ♦ Order of Operations
♦Absolute Value
♦Identifying Parts of an Expression
♦Evaluating Expressions
♦Combining Like Terms
♦Simplifying Expressions
♦In other words….. (Words Used to Translate Expressions)
♦Translating Expressions
♦ Solving One Step Equations
♦ Practice Solving One Step Equations
♦Solving & Graphing One Step Inequalities
♦Practice Solving & Graphing One Step Inequalities

 Equations and Inequalities Folder:                                                                                          ♦ Solving Two Step Equations
♦ Multi Step Equations
♦ Equations with Variables on Both Sides
♦ Solving Equations: Special Cases {Infinite & No Solutions}                                                                     ♦ Multi Step Equation Practice
♦ Properties of Equality
♦ Proportions (Vocab & Instruction)
♦ Literal Equations
♦ Absolute Value Equations
♦ Representing Inequalities & Their Answers (Set & Interval Notation)                                             ♦ Solving and Graphing Multi Step Inequalities
♦ Compound Inequalities
♦ Interpreting Absolute Value Inequalities
♦ Absolute Value Inequalities

Linear Equations Folder:
♦ Ordered Pair Review 
♦ Introduction to Slope 
♦ Types of Slope
♦ Finding Slope From a Graph, Table, and 2 Points
♦ Slope Intercept Form
♦ Creating a Table of Values & Writing Linear Equations From a Table
♦ Converting from Standard to Slope Intercept Form of a Line
♦ Graphing Using Slope Intercept Form of a Line
♦ Writing Linear Equations From a Graph
♦ Writing Linear Equations Given 2 Points
♦ Finding X and Y Intercepts
♦ Graphing Using Intercepts
♦ Horizontal and Vertical Lines
♦ Point Slope Form of a Line
♦ Parallel and Perpendicular Lines 

Exponents and Scientific Notation Folder:                                                                                            ♦ Introduction to Exponents
♦ Zero and Negative Exponents
♦ Scientific Notation
♦ Product of Powers Property
♦ Power of a Power & Power of a Product Properties (2 options)
♦ Quotient of Powers Property (2 options)
♦ Power of a Quotient Property

Systems of Equations and Inequalities Folder:                                                                         ♦ Introduction to Systems of Equations 
♦ Types of Solutions
♦ Solving Systems of Equations By Graphing
♦ Solving Systems of Equations By Substitution
♦ Solving Systems of Equations By Elimination
♦ Solving Systems of Equations Word Problems
♦ System of Equation Word Problem Practice
♦ Graphing Linear Inequalities
♦ Solving Systems of Linear Inequalities

Polynomials Folder: 
♦Classifying Polynomials By Number of Terms
♦Classifying Polynomials By Degree
♦Classifying Polynomials
♦Adding and Subtracting Polynomials 
♦Multiplying a Monomial & a Polynomial
♦Multiplying Binomials By Distributing
♦Special Cases: Multiplying Binomials
♦Multiplying Polynomials
♦Dividing a Polynomial by a Monomial

♦Introduction to Quadratics
♦Square Root Method
♦Quadratic Formula
♦Completing the Square
♦Zero Product Property

♦Introduction to Radicals
♦Introduction to Simplifying Radicals                                                                                                  ♦Add and Subtract Radicals

Extra Pages:
♦Factoring by Grouping
♦Pythagorean Theorem INB

If you have any questions please email me at:

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