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*Do your student needs practice with the high frequency words- “mira”, “la” and “el”? Then this is the bundle for you! This product is great for guided reading groups, individual practice, or even as at-home practice for students! The following is what is included by page number. 4-14: En el bosque Emergent Reader- and comprehension questions (color and black and white versions) . Each sentence begins with “Mira...", the text repeats on every page with great pictures for getting a picture clue. Each word in the sentence has a dot underneath to help little readers with tracking and recognizing one-to-one matching. 15-23: Build A Sentence Pocket Chart (color and black and white versions) - This resource will help beginning writers with learning sentence structure. Students will unscramble the sentences to show a capital letter at the beginning and a period at the end. Just print, laminate, and cut out the sentence cards for each set of scrambled sentences. Have the children sort the cards, put them in order to make sentences, and write them neatly on the recording sheet. 24-26: “Mira”, “la” and “el” Practice Worksheets: Students will write and trace the sight word, read sentence, circle the sight word in a sentence, compose their own original sentence using the word and cut and paste the word. 27: “Mira”, “la” and “el” Read, Cut and Paste Worksheets: This activity requires students use early phonics skills to decode words to be able to find the correct picture. The pictures have to be cut out, which helps build fine motor skills.
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